Series Edic-mini Daily

Recorders of the Edic-mini Daily series are professional devices intended for making high quality record of voice messages into a built-in flash memory. The recordings can be further uploaded onto the PC or played back with headphones.

Distinctive features of the series: 

Solid metal case
High-contrast color OLED-display (96×46 pixel)
3 control buttons 
LED indication 
16-bit audio codec 
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) system 
Changeable lithium battery
Connection with PC via SPI-USB adapter, with exchange speed up to 18 MB/sec
Models with solar battery 
The option to record while charging


The software includes RecManager program and inbuilt firmware of the recorder. RecManager operates under Windows ХР(SP3)/Windows Vista/Windows 7operating systems enables the user to save recorded messages as sound files in wav format, as well as to program recorder’s parameters. 


You won’t need a PC to set the recorder of Daily series. The built-in program enables it to adjust record modes which are programmed in 8 profiles of the recorders with the option to change their names to intuitively recognizable ones (Home, Outside, Club) as well as the parameters of the recorders (display brightness, clock face type etc). The records can be played back with headphones. 

Records Explore

The records can be listened to via PC or directly from the recorder. 

English Dictionary

The recorders of Daily series are equipped with self-teaching guide of English words. The word base of the guide is uploaded from the PC by a special utility. The base has a format compatible with the format used in the program BX Language acquisition with some limitations:

  • The length of English words should not exceed 12 symbols; 
  • Length of the Russian word should not exceed 16 symbols; 
  • The letter "Ё" should be replaced with the letter “E”; 
  • The base can contain up to 1024 words; 
  • The file name of the uploaded base must be Lex.bxd. 
To form the dictionary for reading texts of particular field it’s as convenient to use the software shown at the above site (read the license agreement carefully!).