Height 47 cm
Width 32 cm
Thickness 19 cm
Weight 1,5 kg
Power supply 12
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The non-linear junction detector Lornet-36 is exclusive nonlinear detector with the probing signal of 3600 MHz and the possibility of remote detection of semiconductor elements with a spatial target selectiont.  


Application is possible both 

INDOOR - Holding search works in areas with a high density of objects containing electronic components

and ON OPEN TERRAIN - The narrow beam of the antenna pattern at 16 degrees and the availability of laser illumination provide convenient search works in the area

It is very effective when it comes to identify miniaturized electronic devices (10x20mm) at a considerable distance, which is sometimes crucial when a suspicious object is to be analyzed from a safety range.    

Building on a very high probing signal frequency and a very narrow antenna directional pattern the NL JD Lornet-36 is dramatically superior to any competitive instrument in the industry in terms of detection range, selectivity and positioning accuracy. 

The use of superhigh frequency range gives Lornet-36 some unique capabilities of detecting semiconductors hidden by different materials. It can detect semiconductors through slits and holes, ungrounded shielding, by means of reflection from a smooth surface etc. 

Example: This model defines location of the SIM card of the cell phone at distance 1 meter

Technical characteristics:

Probing signal frequency range 3600MHz +/-
The maximum power of the probing signal (peak // average):
Pulse mode 18W//112mW
Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW) 12W//600mW
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than -110dBm
The adjustment range of the probing signal power 20dB
The dynamic range of the receiving path 24dB
Battery life at maximum power in a pulse (continuous) mode 3,0h
Device dimensions 47х32х19 (32х32х22)cm
The full weight of the item in active state 1.5kg
The bag dimensions 44х30х35cm
The full weight of the item within a bag 3.6kg
The operating temperature range from +5 to +40?

   •    Detector has a laser lightning to point center of detection area

 Main compatitve advantages:

•   Lornet-36 has three times wider detection range compared to competitors (for example, NGO ORION).
•   Lornet-36 has no analogues in selective checkout of a suspicious object from the distance 5-10 meters.
•   A very narrow directional pattern of the antenna and a built-in pinpointing laser provide space selective detection of various semiconductor elements with high precision, which is very convenient.
•   With an interval less than 30 cm between mark points analogous competitive devices cannot locate a 3 harmonics simulator because of the masking interference of a 2 harmonics simulator, whereas Lornet-36 can locate and select both mark points at the distance of over 1 meter.   
•   The device uses the innovative technology and materials and has a very ergonomic design. It is compact, lightweight and is very easy to use.
•   The electromagnetic influence upon the operator is kept to the minimum level due to a very low duty cycle of probing pulses and decreased radiation to the operator side.
•   The device uses wireless headphones, which provides the operator with free hand.

Each item goes through pre-sale test maintenance under the strictest conditions.

Warranty  period  for Lornet-36 is 12 months upon supply to the customer. 
If  the  device  breaks during the warranty  period, provided that the  customer  has  followed  all  the operation, transportation  and  storage  rules,  the manufacturer  will to make  the repair  free of charge or replace the device.

Height 47 cm
Width 32 cm
Thickness 19 cm
Weight 1,5 kg
Power supply 12
Frequency band 3600MHz +/-
Operation time up to 3h in pulse mode and 1,5h in continuous mode

Delivery set:

  •  R-T unit with a control knob
  •  2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (3.6V)
  •  Battery charging container
  •  Battery charging adaptor (220V)
  •  Wireless headset and receiver
  •  AC adapter for the receiving device (220V)
  •  Transportation bag
  •  Documentation (user manual, certificate)

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist: support@ts-market.com

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