Height 31 cm
Width 31 cm
Thickness 28 cm
Weight 1 kg
Power supply 12
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Lornet-0836 - the world's only nonlinear detector operating simultaneously in two frequency ranges: 800 MHz and 3600 MHz. It features efficient discovering algorithm: fast detection of suspicious semiconductor elements (800Mhz) with theirs further spatial selection (3600Mhz)


Lornet-0836 is an indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor components. It can be used for counter-surveillance search works in premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for location of explosive devices outdoor. The DPF (double probing frequency) technology with a patent pending antenna system places it beyond comparison.

Main compatitive advantages:

  •  The first nonlinear detector which combines the advantages of a microwave detector and the detector of traditional range with the weight less than 1 kg and possibility to indicate the results in both ranges simultaneously
  •  Unique opportunity to detect semiconductor elements hidden by different materials (detection through cracks, unearthed screens, reflections from smooth surfaces, SIM card is detected at the distance of 80 cm, etc.)
  •  An embedded parabolic antenna with high gain (20dB at 3600MHz) enables highly precise detection of semiconductor components from a long distance (up to 10m)
  •  Laser pinpointing for a space selective object localization
  •  Significantly reduced electromagnetic impact on the operator because of high duty ratio of the probing impulses and significant reduction of undesirable radiation towards the operator
  •  Convenient display and control elements, easy to operate, light weight
  • For efficient identification of artificial and natural semiconductors a listening through a built in speakerphone or headphones can be used after AM decoding of the signal in continuous mode
  • Lornet-0836 is equipped with an automatic system of protection against centered jamming by criterion of a minimum noise in the reciever path of the 2nd harmonic

Technical Characteristics:
Probing signal frequency range 800MHz +/- 3600MHz +/-
The maximum power of the probing signal (peak // average):
Pulse mode 18W//64mW
Pulse mode with small duty cycle (CW) 6W//375mW
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than -110dBm
The adjustment range of the probing signal power 20dB
The dynamic range of the receiving path 24dB
Battery life at maximum power in a pulse (continuous) mode 2,5h
Device dimensions 31х31х28cm
The full weight of the item in active state 1kg
The bag dimensions 44х30х35cm
The full weight of the item within a bag 4.5kg
The operating temperature range from +5 to +40?


Height 31 cm
Width 31 cm
Thickness 28 cm
Weight 1 kg
Power supply 12
Frequency band 800MHz +/- 3600MHz +/-
Battery life 2,5h in pulse mode and 1,5h in continuous mode

Delivery set:

  •  R-T unit with a control knob
  •  2 removable (LI-ION) rechargeable batteries (3.6V)
  •  Battery charging container
  •  Battery charging adaptor (220V)
  •  Wireless headset and receiver
  •  AC adapter for the receiving device (220V)
  •  Transportation bag
  •  Documentation (user manual, certificate)

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist: support@ts-market.com

Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Lornet-0836. User manual. Version December, 2014. Catalogue file Advertising poster Lornet
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