Height 410 mm
Width 192 mm
Thickness 140 mm
Weight 2 kg
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ZASLON-M mobile explosive detector is intended for real-time detection of explosives, both indoors and outdoors, as well as trace amounts of nitro-containing explosives on hands, documents and other objects that were in contact with explosives provided temperature ranges are carefully maintained. The device also ensures measurement quality in the presence of foreign substances in the air.

ZASLON-M has the longest operation time - at least 8 h!

The operation principle is based on the quenching of photoluminescence of the sensor material in the presence of explosive vapors. The built-in air pump and the design of the device provide swirling air flow that ensures a steady intake of air at a distance of up to 250 mm from the object under control. The quality of the measurements is not affected by the operation of the ventilation systems, air circulation in the area of ​​the surveyed objects, as well as the foreign smells of such substances as gasoline, kerosene, tobacco, perfume and other smells not containing explosives.

Application area:

- monitoring of explosives vapor content in the air of enterprise workspace;

- border and customs check points;

- defence facilities;

-security of mass events;

- transport security;

- use by law enforcement bodies;

- prevention of terrorist attacks with explosives use.


ZASLON-M detects such substances as ammonium nitrate, dinitrotoluene, trinitrotoluene, trinitro-resorcinol (picric acid), dinitronaphthalene, dimetyldinitrobutane, ethylene-glycoldinitrate, nitroglycerin, tetranitropentaerytrite, pentaerythritetranitrate, hexogen, octogen, benzofuroxan, tri-peroxide acetone, hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine, industrial explosives based on hexogen (hexogen +plasticizer), industrial explosives based on octogen (octogen+plasticizer), simteks (hexogen+tetranitropentaerytrite+plasticizer), octol (hexogen+trinitrotoluene), ammonite, ammonal, nitropowder, etc.

Technical Characteristics

 1. Explosive vapours measurement limit  at least TNT 10-11 g/cm3  
 2. Distance from the object under control while checking  up to 250 mm
 3. Power supply is provided the following ways:  - from AC adapter with a frequency of 50/60 Hz, 100 - 240 V
- from a battery with an output voltage of at least 12 V
4. Continuous operation time from a fully charged battery under normal climatic conditions at least 8 h
5. Detection time  no more than 2 sec.
 6. Time to enter operating mode after power-up  no more than 15 sec.
 7. Installation time (or closing-down, with placing in a standard packing)  no more than 3 min.
 8. Dimensions   (410 ± 10) x (192 ± 10) x (140 ± 10) mm
 9. Weight with batteries   2 kg.
 10. Climatic operating conditions:  - operating temperature range from minus 0 to plus 40 ° C;
- relative air humidity of not more than 85% at a temperature of plus 25 ° C ± 1 С.

ZASLON-M features the following functions and adjustments:

- low-pitched sound signal when detecting low vapor concentration;

- increased-pitched sound signal when detecting increased vapor concentration;

- high pitch signal when the detecting high vapor concentration;

- the option to connect to the PC via USB-connector;

- automatic shutdown of the device when the battery is low.

Height 410 mm
Width 192 mm
Thickness 140 mm
Weight 2 kg
Battery life not less than 8 hours

Delivery set:

1. Photoluminescent Sensor Kit 3 pcs.
2. Charger 1 pcs.
3. Case 1 pcs.
4. Shoulder Strap
5. Operation Manual 1 pcs.
6. Package 1 pcs.

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