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  1. How to get a larger picture of a product?
    Click on the left area of the product's image, marked by "+" or on the product's image itself to see a larger image of the product at the model's description page.
  2. How to get more information on a product?
    Click on the product's name or on the product's photo.
  3. How to buy?
    1. You can purchase form both products catalogue and the model's description page.
    Enter the needed folder and activate List mode in Page View in the right upper corner of the products catalogue.

    2. Enter the required quantity of the products you wish to purchase in the field Qty on the right from the product name.

    3. Click Add to cart on the right of the product name.

    3. After the choice done, go to your private area My account (right upper corner of all pages) and enter My basket. Here you'll see your order with the products you chose. 

    4. You may specify the delivery charges in the field Include delivery charges ($).
    You may contact us in order to get the exact price of delivery charges.
    If you leave the field unfilled, you will be charged by courier mail upon your order delivery.
    Otherwise, if you have your own UPS account, please specify it in the field Special instructions for shipment.

    5. You are welcome to specify the required date of delivery in the field Desired date of delivery.

    6. Enter your contact telephone number into the field Special instructions for shipment for delivery purposes. Also please note that we require only actual postal address since UPS does not deliver shipments to PO boxes.

    Please note: for wholesale payments by card it is possible to add to cart approximate quantity of any model, so that to fit the sum of your actual order. The disparity with the sum you would like to order to can be covered by adding delivery charges in the field Include delivery charges ($) below your order at page My basket. 
    In such case kindly specify the actual items and their quantity in the field Special instructions for shipment below your order at page My basket.

    7. Click Payment by
    and your order will be forwarded to 2Checkout processing service page 

    After finishing the payment procedure in the 2Checkout service, you shall receive your order confirmation from 2Checkout by e-mail within few minutes if your order is approved.

  4. How to choose a product to buy?
    Enter the required quantity of the products you wish to purchase on the right from the needed model's modification.
  5. How to pay delivery charges?
    You may specify the delivery charges in the field Include delivery charges ($). Enter the sum of delivery charges in the field or click on a link with the sum. 
    If you leave the field unfilled, you will be charged by courier mail upon your order delivery. 
    If you have your own UPS account, please specify it in the field Special instructions for shipment
  6. Where can I find the required value of delivery charges?
    a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:250:"You can find the sum of delivery charges in the field Delivery charges, calculated by  
    To pay delivery charges enter the sum in the field Include delivery charges or click on a link with the sum.   
  7. How to pay a non-standard amount?
    Enter the total amount of your order in the way as you enter delivery charges - on the right from the field "Enter delivery charges...".
  8. Which forms of payment are accepted?
    2Checkout accepts all major credit cards -- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (Novus), Diner's Club, JCB, as well as PayPal payment method. 

    We also accept checks, cash, purchase orders (when accompanied by a check) and money orders. We accept over 20 currencies.
    You may send cash or checks in a non U.S. currency. If you select a non U.S. currency, our order page will automatically convert the total price of the order to that currency.
    If you send a check in USD drawn on a bank outside the U.S., the order must be for $100 or over.
  9. How much time does it take to approve an order?
    If your order is under 500 USD, so usually it is approved in few minutes.
    If your order is above 500 USD, so this may take from few minutes to several hours. Such orders are approved by TS-Market manager.
    The threshold amount, 500 USD, can be changed without notice.
    Orders from some countries are set to be approved before payment made in the same way as orders above 500 USD.
  10. Why was my payment not approved?
    If you use or e-mail address.
    2Checkout needs to trace a customer for the payment security reasons.
    But since these servers are internationally used, 2Checkout cannot trace a customer.
    In this case you need to use an e-mail from a national mail server.
    Your order is not approved if 2Checkout finds it fraudulent.
  11. Could you enter my card details into the payment form yourself?
    No, we do not make so for security purposes. We never know your complete card details and we do not need to know it.
  12. What is the shipping time?
    Small orders are shipped on the next day after a payment receipt. Most orders are shipped within 1 week after a payment receipt. Shipping time of big orders is calculated depending on manufacturing time.
  13. What is the delivery time?
    1-4 days, depending on a country.
  14. Where are the purchased items shipped from?
    The purchased items can be shipped from Russia or from our US stock. The items, available for shipment from this stock, are specified in the field "In stock in USA" as available quantity. 
    We reserve the right to choose where from to ship the products, however if you have any preferences please let us know.
  15. What delivery ways are possible?
    We use UPS only for shipments from Russia and can use UPS, USPS and Fedex for shipments from our US stock. For more details regarding the shipment terms please click here.

  16. Are there any other ways of payment for the products, except by card?
    Yes, you can use any convenient way of payment, provided by 2Checkout, or you can pay via bank wire. If the stated ways of payment are not acceptable for you, please contact us to find out other ways of payment.
  17. Where can I buy your products else?
    You are welcome to contact our dealers regarding our products.
  18. Refund policy
    We completely refund payments for the goods sold by TS-Market and in case if a product is returned in the original state and package. A customer can return a good product or a rejected product. Anyway we shall refund the payment immediately upon the product receipt.
    In case a returned product is broken by user or does not include complete shipment set, we shall deduct from the refund amount the cost of repair or the cost of the missed items.
  19. Return policy
    Rejected goods can be returned for warranty service or refund during the warranty period - 1 year from the date of sale.
    However initially we kindly request you to contact us to give us a chance to fix the problem remotely.

    Otherwise please contact us for the return instructions.
  20. Warranty
    a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:743:"Telesystems Company undertakes obligations of guarantee repairs of the product within 1 year from the date of sale.

    Claims for guarantee repairs are not accepted at:
    •  operation rules violating;
    •  mechanical damages;
    •  absence of Telesystems' stamp on the present document.
    All the questions concerned returning and exchanging the product, are solved in accordance with the Consumer protection laws.

    Warning! The guarantee does not cover batteries .

    In case of return for warranty service please kindly contact us for the return instructions.
  21. I still have problems or questions. Whom I can request for assistance?

    You are welcome to contact us with any questions

  22. Where can I download the recorder’s firmware?
    You can always download the last version of the firmware and software from our website for free here.

    We are happy to assist you!

    Please note:

    We do not provide technical support or access to firmware/software files to the customers who bought our products from e-bay.

    We provide the above listed service only to the customers who purchased our products either from us directly or from our dealers. The list of the dealers is available here. At present files for downloading are available for the owners of serial numbers from our base.  

  23. How can I get technical support?

    To get technical support please contact our technical support specialist: Please specify the serial number of the device in your letter. 

    Please note:
    If you need maximal local technical support, please obtain our products from the nearest Primary Distributor. Primary Distributors for other customers can provide warranty service only and never technical support. Technical support is provided by direct seller or by our company, by e-mail, since we need time to consider carefully and discuss many situations with technical specialists.
  24. Where can I see the serial number of my audio recorder?
    The serial number is on the recorder's box and on its case either. You can also see it in the left bottom corner of RecManager window when the unit is connected to PC.

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