What we offer:

Along with batch production, we can develop and produce special devices according to our customer’s challenging demands. We have already manufactured more than one hundred devices for custom-built applications of various levels of difficulty.

We offer our custom design service for development of various recording devices. We are ready to design and produce electronic devices for you, according to your specifications. New devices can be based on our present devices or can be absolutely new one accordingly to your requirements.

Let TS-Market make your business more profitable.


The manufacturer undertakes warranty repair liabilities for 1 year from the date of purchase, but no longer than 2 years from the date of manufacture of the product (warranty does not cover batteries). Paid repair is provided within recorder’s operation lifetime. The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse in repair after the expiration of recorder operation life.

Claims for guarantee repairs are not accepted in case of:

  • operation rules violating;
  • mechanical damages;
  • absence of Telesystems’ stamp on the present document.

All the questions concerned returning and exchanging the product, are solved in accordance with the Consumer protection laws

Warning! The guarantee does not cover batteries.

In case of return for warranty service please kindly contact us for the return instructions.

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