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Gas analyser of explosives Pilot-M1 Premium is intended for detection of explosives in non-tight volumes and traces of explosives on a surface of surveyed objects. Detection is carried out by sampling air from internal volumes of surveyed objects or from their surfaces and the analysis of tests on contents of characteristic components of explosive vapor.

he detector is capable to detect traces of explosives based on nitroglycerine (NG), EGDN, trinitrotoluene (tol, trotyl, TNT), hexogen, octogen, TEN, PENT (tetranitrapentaerythrit, pentaerythrittetranitrate, Pentrit, PENT), hexogen (RDX), oktogen (HMX), tetryl (Tetril) and nitrocellulose powders, engaging mixing explosives on their ground: Semtex and other plastic and elastic explosives on the basis of RDX, PENT or their mixture.

Distinctive features:

  • Drift spectrometer with ionogram output on the computer.
  • Combines high sensitivity, selectivity and noise immunity.
  • Wide range of detected explosives.
  • Stable operation in wide range of environmental humidity and temperature.
  • The operation threshold of the detector is adjustable depending on the surroundings.
  • Provides sound and visual (on the display) indication of the presence of explosive vapours.
  • Battery discharge indication.
  • Does not contain radioactive sources.
  • Does not require high level of operators training.
  • Does not require periodical adjustment and setup procedures.
  • Does not require special gas supply.

Signal level and ionogram of the test are displayed on the color graphic display of the device. Position of the ‘peak’ of the ionogram makes it possible to draw a preliminary conclusion regarding detected explosive. Device’s memory stores information about more than million ionograms.

PILOT-M1 Premium delivery set contains interface cable (USB or RS-232) that ensures data transfer to PC and data storage. Skilled operator is able to identify type of explosive detected using ionogram displayed in the monitor.


Vapor detector can be used to protect enterprises, banks, governmental buildings, offices, living premises, different means of transport (automobile, air, railroad, water).

Technical specifications:

Explosives substances under identification


PENT and etc.

TNT Threshold Sensitivity  (under +20°С,  80% humidity)

not less 10-13 g/cm3

Warm-up time

no more 10 sec.

Analysis time

no more 1 sec.


Audio & LCD

Power Supply:

- AC (via 12 V adapter - supplied)

- DC (1 rechargeable batteries - supplied)

100…240 V / 50…60 Hz

7.2V 31.7 Wh

One battery pack continuous operation time

-  in «SEARCH» mode

- using sample heater

not less 5 h

not less 3 h

Operation conditions:

- Temperature

- Relative humidity


up to 90% (under +25°С)

Survive after strong environment effect:

- Temperature

- Relative humidity


98% (under +25°C)

Storage conditions:

- Temperature

- Relative humidity


80% (under +25°C)

Main Unit:

- Dimensions

- Weight (with battery)

300х180х90 mm

1.8 kg

Total weight in carrying case

no more 7.5 kg

Delivery set:

1. Pilot-M1 Premium 
2. Test unit (Imitator) 
3. Sample Heater 
4. Self-contained Gauze Sampler Pump 
5. Metallic Gauze Sampler - 3 pcs.
6. Special Swab Sampler - 30 pcs.
7. Power cable for the Charger
8. Charger 
9. Rechargeable Battery - 2 pcs.
10. Tweezers
11. AC / DC Adapter
12. USB cable
13. User’s Manual
14. Carrying case
15. Software

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist: support@ts-market.com

Software Firmware Manual to
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