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normal_police-cars.jpgSecurity and Police

Tired of the debate over who said what, many police agencies use our digital voice recorders to record all interviews of suspects, victims and witnesses.
Police officers use Edic-mini recorders in many locations including vehicles, patrolling around trains and large crowds at peak hour.
Security guards and bouncers at night clubs choose our recorders to protect themselves from false complaints at work. TS-Market constantly get feedback about real time testing in the field of Policing.

Investigation.gif Private investigation, law enforcement  
Many law enforcement agencies face the decision of whether or not to electronically record interrogations. The underlying principle of recording interrogations is to accurately collect and preserve confession evidence in the most unbiased and efficient manner.

Law enforcement officers and administrators should be aware of the judicial decisions and statues in several countries that require the recording of interrogations, the benefits of electronically recording, and obstacles to overcome when deciding to begin this technique.

Covert recording actually can put interviewees at ease because investigators are not visibly taking notes. And recordings, especially covert video recordings, let juries see defendants' behavior before they get spruced up to go to court.

ucheba2.jpg Education and teaching

As podcasts, audio enhanced presentations, audio course materials, and recordings in general become more commonplace in education, so the demand for both immediacy and quantity of audio communication has increased.

When explaining any subject while teaching, you can achieve excellent levels of audience engagement by using sections of recorded speech among your learning materials. Sometimes a text document - no matter how well written - can impose a quite ‘formal’ form of communication, which can drain the material of some of the energy that can be conveyed by an animated speaker.


Digital voice recorders Edic-mini are the solution for busy business people who want to record notes, meetings, and ideas without the fuss and bother of tapes. These top digital voice recorders have the ability to record and transfer information to your computer, making it easier to organize, edit and play back your voice files. Whether you’re looking for a professional-grade digital recorder or just something to record meetings and ideas, we offer the best digital voice recorders for business and professional use.

child.JPG  Home and entertaining

As well as leaving messages for other people, you can of course also remind your future self of thoughts, tasks and ideas, which may otherwise slip your mind. Recording voice memos is a very intuitive way of capturing what is in your mind without needing to structure and formalise it into written text, and also can convey emotions which are difficult to express through the written word without resorting to smiley faces.

Audio blogging is another easy way to share your recordings. The critical thing to bear in mind is that you must be able to transfer your recorded file to a computer in a format, which it can understand enough to transcode into one of the popular delivery formats. Our Edic-mini recorders easily solve this problem – the recorded files have popular and convenient wav format.