Height 230 mm
Width 160 mm
Thickness 80 mm
Weight 1,4 kg (without monitor)
Case Plastic
Power supply 12 V
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ANTISVID-2 is designed for search and visualization the place of portable systems of secret observation (SOS - Secret Observation System), camouflaged in the interior items, clothing and household goods for personal use, working or disconnected compact cameras under different lighting conditions. Device allows detecting electro-optical surveillance systems through the window as well as toned glass, organic glass, and semitransparent mirror.

Basic operation principle is "cat's eye" effect (light-reflecting effect) lying in ability of optical objects to reflect probing radiation in opposite direction with angle close to its incidence angle. Semi-conducting laser IR diode (transmitting channel) serves as the source of probing radiation. The reflected signal is registered by sensitive video camera on the basis of interleave transfer sensor 1/3// (reception channel). The Device is developed on non-parallax optical scheme, i.e. with optical alignment of reception and transmitting channels.
Transmitting channel generates laser beam in the form of vertically located rectangular raster. Ability of illuminating raster can be changed if necessary, depending on distance to surveillance object, for reception of the best image contrast. Image focusing on sharpness is carried out by adjustment of video camera objective.

Visualization of surveillance objects is carried out through built in pseudo-binocular. In order to receive better images the body of the device is equipped with fastening and connection for external 5"LCD-monitor (delivered on request of the Customer), and also with external CCIR standard video signal socket for connection with external monitor, video recorder or computer (with video input card).

Secret observation search results (camera detection)


Height 230 mm
Width 160 mm
Thickness 80 mm
Weight 1,4 kg (without monitor)
Case Plastic
Power supply 12 V
Operation time 2 hours

Delivery set:

ANTISVID-2 device
Video cable
Charging unit
AC/DC converter
Rechargeable battery
Protective packing. Plastic case with foam-rubber pad.

Can be purchased separately:
LCD-monitor (with attachment point)

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ANTISVID-2 user manual Brochure
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