Height 165 mm
Width 100 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Weight 470 g
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The multifunctional detection device ST 500 "PIRANHA" is intended for the detection and location of eavesdropping devices. Functionally, the device consists of four detection channels.

Channels for the detection of wireless eavesdropping devices:

·         SELECTIVE HF DETECTOR is intended for the detection of analog and digital wireless (utilizing GSM, LTE, Bluetooth, or WiFi) eavesdropping devices operating in the frequency range 20 - 6000 MHz.

·         IR DETECTOR is intended for the detection of IR transmitters (eavesdropping devices using the infrared range for transmissions).

Channels for the detection of wired eavesdropping devices:

·         WIRED RECEIVER is intended for the detection of high-frequency signals from eavesdropping devices that transmit information via electric mains and low current lines in the frequency range 100 kHz – 180 MHz.

·         LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER is intended for the detection of LF signals from eavesdropping devices.

Functionality of the device:

1. Detection and location of radio eavesdropping devices:

·         radio microphones, telephone radio repeaters, radio stethoscopes, etc.

·         video cameras with radio transmitters

·         radio beacons of tracking systems.

2. Identification of digital protocols of the detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, WiFi.

3. Identification of signals of base stations and mobile digital communication devices.

4. Detection and location of active wired eavesdropping devices:

·         wired microphones transmitting through permanent and makeshift low current lines

·         detection of signals from eavesdropping devices transmitting over electric mains and low current lines in the frequency range from 0.1 - 180 MHz.

5. Activation of wired electret microphones by applying a bias voltage to the circuit

6. Detection and location of eavesdropping devices that utilize infrared transmissions.

Technical specifications Selective HF Detector:

operative frequency range, MHz


passband, MHz

1 or 20

impedance, Ohm


rate of scanning, GHz/sec


bandpass flatness, dB


minimum detection level, dB


dynamic range, dB


IR Detector:

spectral range, μm


detection passband, MHz


field-of-view angle, degrees


minimum detectable power, W/Hz½


Wired Receiver:

operative frequency range, MHz


whole range scanning time, sec


minimum detection level, dBm


dynamic range, dB


impedance, Ohm


demodulation type


input filter passband, kHz


maximum voltage on the circuit, V

250(AC), 60(DC)

Low Frequency Amplifier:

frequency range, Hz

20 - 25000

impedance, kOhm


gain, times


max voltage amplitude on the input, V



noise spectral density, nV/Hz


bias voltage range, V

+30, -30

Power Supply:

inbuilt lithium polymer accumulator battery with voltage, V


power consumption, W


time of continuous operation at maximum power, hrs


recharging time from a full discharge, hrs


Weight and Dimensions:

dimensions of the main unit (length, width, height), mm

165 x 100 x 40

mass of the main unit, kg


package dimensions (length, width, height), mm

390 x 310 x 170

full package mass, kg


Height 165 mm
Width 100 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Weight 470 g

Delivery set:

1. Main unit
2. Adapter for connecting the main unit to electric mains 
3. Cable for connecting the main unit to telephone line sockets 
4. Cable for connecting the main unit to low current sockets 
5. Cable for connecting the main unit to a PC's USB 
6. Telescopic antenna 
7. Charger 
8. Headphones 
9. USB flash drive 
10. Coupler (RJ11) 
11. Coupler (RJ45) 
12. 1x2 splitter (RJ11) 
13. 1x2 splitter (RJ45) 
14. Adapter for connecting a multicore cable and screwdriver 
15. Case

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