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Tral Patrol 2

Tral Patrol is a detector providing the focus of high-speed dome camera to the moving object by analyzing video image from the review camera. High-speed dome camera operating under Tral Patrol system helps to eliminate the disadvantage of design concept of the existing surveillance systems. The video signal from motionless (review) camera is supplied to Tral Patrol input. The device detects motion, defines its significance and provides pointing of dome camera according to the parameters specified at the setting. 

The detector Tral Patrol can be supplied either separately or as a constituent part of surveillance system calibrated in factory conditions. Supply designs are listed below. 

Detector Tral Patrol is intended for self constructing of surveillance system based on several review cameras. This variant doesn’t have a built-in RS-485 interface and can be used only in connection with Tral Patrol Master.

Detector Tral Patrol Master has a built-in RS-485 interface and can be used either separately or as a constituent part of the system with several review cameras.

Tral Patrol 2 System is a dome temperature-proof housing of street design including high-speed dome camera, 4 review cameras, 3 detectors Tral Patrol, 1 Tral Patrol Master, video server Tral 5, network concentrator and power supply block. All the elements represent a whole optic and mechanical node. This system undergoes calibration in factory environment and a minimum number of settings are required when performing self-supporting installation.