TS-Market: summer offer for new products!

We are happy to offer our dealers new products at the best price possible
During the summer our partners can buy ST 131 Piranha-II, ST 110 and ST 165 at the lowest price regardless of the purchase amount in the past!

ST 131 Piranha-II

Multifunction detection device ST 131 PIRANHA-II is intended for detection and localization of special technical means (STM) used for surreptitious obtaining of information, as well as identification of natural and artificial sources of information leakage.

The main types of the STM, for detection of which ST131 is intended, include the following:

The STM with transfer of information by radio channel. Such devices include first of all:
-  Radio microphones including devices with storage and subsequent transfer of information (burst transmitter) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS);
-  Telephone radio broadcasting devices.
-  Radio stethoscopes.
-  Wireless video cameras.
-  Mobile telephones and modems of CDMA, GSM, UMTS, DECT standards used without authorization.
-  Devices using digital channels of data transmission of WLAN and BLUETOOTH standards.
-  Radio beacons for object movement tracking.

The STM that use AC power, telephone, security and fire alarm lines for information transfer.
The STM characterized by information transmission in infra-red range.
The STM characterized by transmission of information in ultrasonic frequency range.

Please find the detailed information about the product here.

ST 110 RF Detector

ST 110 RF Detector is designed for detection and localization of radio-wave radiation devices (RD) which are used for unauthorized data transfer via radio channel.

These facilities include the following:

•   Radio-microphones (BUGs) ;
•   Telephone radio retransmitter (TAP);
•   Wireless stethoscope;
•   Video-cameras with radio channel for data transfer;
•   Radio beacons for people, vehicles or cargos tracking systems;
•   Mobile phones and radio modems of GSM, DECT standards;
•   Data transmission devices of BLUETOOTH and WLAN standards.

Main advantages: 

-  Colour OLED display
-  Recorder mode
-  Oscilloscope mode
-  Li-Pol rechargeable battery switches off during long-term storage

Find more details about the device here.

ST 165 Wireless Protosol Detector

ST 165 Wireless Protocol Detector is designed for detection and identifying mobile radio transmitters of cellular communications standards (mobile phones and modems of GSM 900, 1800, UMTS), wireless data transmission (WI FI and BLUETOOTH) and cordless phones (DECT).

Additionally indication of base stations power signal strength and data exchange intensity is provided.
ST 165 operates on the basis of direct-conversion receiver.
To detect signals, the ST 165 scans series of frequency ranges of the known transmission standards. The user can set up the detection threshold and the number of desired frequency bands.
Signals identification is performed on basis of analysis of detected signals time parameters.

Main advantages:

Updated software 
Set up for the “local” 3G range by the user
Built-in rechargeable battery switches off during long-term storage

To get more information about ST 165 please come here.

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