ST 165 Wireless Protocol Detector


Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply 12
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ST 165 Wireless Protocol Detector is designed for detection and identifying mobile radio transmitters of cellular communications standards (mobile phones and modems of GSM 900, 1800, UMTS), wireless data transmission (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and cordless phones (DECT).
Additionally indication of base stations power signal strength and data exchange intensity is provided.

CDMA 450
GSM 900, 1800

Call Phones and Modems CDMA, GSM and 3G
Wi-Fi and wireless 2.4GHz cameras
Bluetooth devices

ST 165 operates on the basis of direct-conversion receiver.
To detect signals, the ST 165 scans series of frequency ranges of the known transmission standards. The user can set up the detection threshold and the number of desired frequency bands.
Signals identification is performed on basis of analysis of detected signals time parameters.

Main advantages:
  •   Updated software 
  •   Set up for the “local” 3G range by the user
  •   Built-in rechargeable battery switches off during long-term storage

Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply 12
Current consumption 210 mA

Delivery set:

Main block;
RF antenna;
USB cable;
Power supply/charger;
Software CD;
Operation manual.

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