ST 110 RF Detector


Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply 12
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ST 110 RF detector is designed for detection and localization of radio-wave radiation devices (RD) which are used for unauthorized data transfer via radio channel.

These facilities include the following:

  •   Radio-microphones (BUGs)  
  •   Telephone radio retransmitter (TAP) 
  •   Wireless stethoscope 
  •   Video-cameras with radio channel for data transfer 
  •   Radio beacons for people, vehicles or cargos tracking systems 
  •   Mobile phones and radio modems of GSM, DECT standards 
  •   Data transmission devices of BLUETOOTH and WLAN standards

Principle of operation of ST 110 is based on broadband detection of electrical field.
ST 110 operates in two main modes: SEARCH and MONITORING.
Additional modes include: LOG VIEW, OSCILLOSCOPE and RECORDER.

Main advantages of the detector:

- Colour OLED display

Li-Pol rechargeable battery switches off during long-term storage

- Oscilloscope mode

- Recorder mode

Height 90 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 21 mm
Weight 150 g
Power supply 12
Frequency band 50-2500 MHz
Dynamic range 55 dB; 40 dB
Current consumption 25 mA

Delivery set:

Main block;
HF antenna;
SHF antenna-detector "ST110.SHF"*;
USB cable;
Power supply/ charger;
Mini CD;
User manual.

* supplies optionally

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