Series Edic-mini Tiny+

Digital records made by the recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny+ series are counterfeit proof owing to the custom developed system of markers. These distinctive marks being unnoticeable for the user go through all the recording stages and help to define the integrity of the recorded voice information. These marks help to identify the recorder’s model, its serial number, record start time as well as the attempt to modify it.

Record's integrity can be checked not only by EMPlus program, but also by a specific program used in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
If a record has been modified, the recorder won't identify it as authentic.

Please note: information about record authenticity is in EMPlus program, Explorer Panel, File Property button. 

Record Modes
With the Edic-mini Tiny+ recorders you can perform both linear and circular recording. In linear record mode, the quantity and duration of voice messages are restricted by free memory capacity. Circular recording makes it possible not to stop recording at all. After there is no more free memory, the Recorder begins to record new data over old ones. Thus, the memory will always contain the most recent data.
Information Protection
To protect the information of the Edic-mini Tiny+ series there is the option to set password forbidding access to the recorder’s content and settings without entering password. 

Timer Recording
In the Edic-mini Tiny+ recorders recording can be enabled automatically. To support this function there are two types of timers in the recorder: Daily (record start and stop time is specified) and Once (time and date of record start and stop time are specified).

Voice Activation
The recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny+ are equipped with Voice Activation System (VAS) enabling it to reduce both memory consumption thus enhancing real recording duration as well as energy consumption from the power source. When uploading records onto the PC, the duration of pauses can be either restored (as silence) or omitted depending on the settings specified. 

It is very easy to control the operation of the Edic-mini Tiny+ recorders using Switch. The LED is used to indicate operation modes.

Connecting to the PC
The recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny + series are connected to the USB port of the PC using adaptor included in the delivery set. The supplied software operating under Windows ХР/32, Windows7, Windows8 makes it possible to save the recorded messages on the PC as standard sound files and set various parameters of the Recorder. There is also the option to update built-in interface (firmware) of the Recorder via USB interface. 

Distinctive features of the models:

USB 2.0 interface (up to 7 MB/sec)
Memory volume up to 300 hours (for 300 HQ models);
Low power consumption 
Built-in markers to define record authenticity 
Password protection of records 
Not suppressed by record protection devices 
Built-in microphone sensitivity is up to 12 meters 
Signal-to-noise ratio: -65 dB
Broad frequency band up to 100-10000 Hz 
Voice Activation System (VAS) 
Daily and Once timers