Series EDIC-mini Dime

Еdic-mini Weeny&Dime Recorders are professional devices intended for making high quality record of voice messages into built-in flash memory. The recordings can be further uploaded onto the PC/tablet/smart phone and other devices supporting external carrier connection. The series includes small-sized voice recorders featuring one or two digital microphones and internal flash memory. The records have digital markers, which helps to prevent record from unauthorized changes, as well as significantly increase its evidentiality. In our new series of voice recorders, we radically changed not only the principle of control, making the Recorder available for almost any device, but also switched to completely new digital microphones, as well as to a new type of memory, opening up new opportunities in the desire to get maximum performance and reliability, at the smallest possible size.

Main Features

  • Voice Activation System (VAS)

  • Timers to start recording at the preset time

  • Linear and circular recording

  • Built-in clock, calendar, attachment of records to time and date

  • Password protection of the access to records

  • Built-in markers to determine records' authenticity

  • Control and indication: on / off buttons and LED