Series Witness

Witness digital recorder is a professional device intended for making high quality record of voice messages into built-in flash memory. The recordings can be further uploaded onto the PC. The Recorder is applied as personal means of documenting audio information and can be used as personal system of audio surveillance for various companies and its workers, which helps to improve the work performance and to solve any conflicts easily and immediately by constant recording of any conversations in place. The Recorder features magnet mount for comfortable fixation on clothes, and the option to save personal information about its owner.

The first generation of the Witness voice recorder is perfect for you if you don't need or have no opportunity to reset your recordings on your PC. The amount of memory is enough to use the recorder during the working week.

Main functions:

- built-in microphone sensitivity: up to 9 meters
- frequency band up to 70-6000 Hz
- memory capacity up to 300 hours (for 300h models)
- voice activation system (VAS)
- digital markers to check unauthorized record editing
- files can be protected from unauthorized access with a password

Additional features upon request (for orders of 1 piece or more):

- сhanging the appearance 
- аpplication of individual labels/branding of the existing case