Series EDIC-mini Tiny

Voice recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny series are professional devices intended for making high quality record of voice messages into the built-in flash memory. You can playback recorded messages using the headphones and save them into your PC as standard sound files.

Tiny voice recorders are of extremely small size and weight, have a long record duration (varies with the modification - up to 1200 hours) and autonomy operation (up to 120 hours), wide dynamic range and a highly sensitive built-in microphone. Having no moving parts, recorders is able to function within a wide range of temperatures, under strong vibration and dustiness.

Models of Tiny series can be connected to PC via USB port with the supplied cable. The supplied software, working under Windows 2000/XP OS, makes it possible to save the recorded messages as standard sound files, to set parameters of the device, to use the recorder as a flash-disc of 1-8 GB, depending on a model, as well as to store and transfer files. There is an opportunity to update the firmware using the interface.

Voice Activating System (VAS)
Models of Tiny serieshave Voice Activating System (VAS), which effectively compresses pauses in messages, therefore increasing the actual record time. Using this system saves memory during pauses, but the time intervals remain. When downloading records to PC, the pause length can be either restored (as silence) or passed depending on the settings made.

Tiny series models have LED indicator,which indicates working modes of the device.
The recorder is operated with a push-button and can act as a flash-disc, which enables storing and transferring any data on it. Tiny recorders can be used simultaneously for both recording messages and as a flash-disc, with the distribution of memory space for message recording and flash-disc being set by the user.
It is possible to record by both daily timer (time of recording start and stop is set) and once timer (date and time of recording start and stop is set).

To secure the data, a password may be set in the recorder, which prevents another user from unauthorized access to the device contents and settings.

Every record made with the recorder is marked with the recording start time and date, and has a digital signature to define the device, which was used to make the record, and possible modification of the record file.


  •   Dimensions: from 6x13x25 mm. 
  •   Recording time: up to 1200 hours.  
  •   Battery life: up to 250 hours (the Solar Model can work uninterruptedly in loop recording mode, if there is enough sun light). 
  •   Built-in microphone sensitivity: 7-9 meters. 
  •   Signal/noise ratio: - 64 dB. 
  •   Frequency band: 100-10000 Hz. 
  •   Sampling rate: from 5.5 to 22 K Hz. 
  •   4 compression modes: without compression, u-law (64 K bit/sec), ADPCM2, ADPCM4 (16K bit/sec). 
  •   Current consumption:
         - In recording mode at 3V voltage: 2 mA,
         - In VAS mode: 200 microA,
         - In stand-by mode: 50 microA.
  •   Supply voltage: 1-1.5 V or 2.7-3.3 V.

In short:

  •   Recording into built-in flash memory.  
  •   Linear and loop recording modes.
  •   Mono or Stereo mode (Stereo mode is supported by the model “Stereo-M”).
  •   Password protection.
  •   Watermark protection. 
  •   Built-in real time clock.
  •   Timer record.
  •   USB1.1 interface connection to a PC.
  •   Flash-drive mode.
  •   Power supply from batteries, Li-Pol rechargeable battery or sunlight battery.

Recording time depending on a model (sample rate 8 kHz, 2-bit ADPCM)

Recording timeBuilt-in flash memory size
8960 (150h)
8960 min1 Gb
17920 (300h)
17920 min 2 Gb
35840 (600h) 35840 min
4 Gb
71680 (1200h)
71680 min8 Gb