EMM Tiny

New modifications! These models have been modernized and now have cases, which significally widens the application sphere of the device. You are free to decide if you wish to use the model as an audio recorder or as a audio recording module without a case - if needed, simply extract the module from the case and mount it wherever needed.

Digital audio recording modules are intended for recording high quality stereo audio signal from the one or two external microphones on the built-in flash memory.

All models of this series use external power source but has very low power consumption that provides very long battery life for any autonomous power source. The delivery set contains a cable for connecting an external power source. 

The modules are based on hardware of audio recorder Edic-mini Tiny and are the same recorders with the only difference - they can be used either as any other audio recoder with a case or without a case, if you extract the printed circuit board from the device.

The circuit board of the models of his series are designed in such a way that they can be implemented into various devices for them to function as voice recorders.
The application of such a device is broad. Our modules are widely used for various recording devices of different design.


  •    Dimensions of the : from 19.5x10 mm. 
  •    Recording time: up to 3600 hours. 
  •    Built-in microphone sensitivity: 7-9 meters. 
  •    Frequency band: 100-10000 Hz. 
  •    Sampling rate: from 5.5 to 22 K Hz.  4 compression modes: without compression, u-law (64 K bit/sec), ADPCM2, ADPCM4 (16K bit/sec). 

Current consumption:

         -   In recording mode at 3V voltage: 2 mA,
         -   In VAS mode: 200 microA,
         -   In stand-by mode: 50 microA.

  Supply voltage: 1-1.5 V or 2.7-3.3 V.

More Characteristics:

  •   One or two audio sources can be connected;
  •   Recording from external audio source;
  •   Sample rates: 5,5, 8, 11, 16, 22 kHz;
  •   Dynamic range: 64 dB;
  •   Audio recording format: Mono/Stereo;
  •   Simple control by the only switch;
  •   Mode indication via built-in or external LED;
  •   Software correction of nonlinear distortions, caused by loud sound;
  •   Timers: one-time and repeated; PC interface: sup port of USB 1.1, USB 2.0; Data transfer rate between recorder and PC via USB connection – up to 5.5 Mb/s; User firmware update.

The modules uses external power source but has very low power consumption that provides very long battery life for any autonomous power source.

All the EMM Tiny models have built-in USB controller and are connected to PC via USB cable.

Audio records are saved in WAV format. Supplied software provides the possibility to change the recording settings and use the module as a flash drive. Software supports Windows 2000/XP. Operation under Windows 98 is not guaranteed.
EMM-Tiny modules include the following models:

EMM Tiny Stereo size is 27.5*13.5*6 mm, including mini-USB socket.
EMM Tiny S3 is bigger by size, 40*27.5*6, due to having larger memory capacity, which provides recording time up to 900 hours in mono mode with highest compression rate. S3 supports two USB protocols – 1.1 and 2.0. 

EMM-Tiny Stereo-T size: 3,7*10*19,5 mm, the module has smaller size and provides less recording time (19 hours).

Recording time depending on a model (sample rate 8 kHz, 2-bit ADPCM)

Recording time Built-in flash memory size
1120 (19h) 1120 128 Mb
2240 (37h) 2240 min 256 Mb
4480 (75h)
4480 min
512 Mb
8960 (150h)
8960 min 1 Gb
17920 (300h)
17920 min 2 Gb
35840 (600h) 35840 min
4 Gb
71680 (1200h)
71680 min 8 Gb