Frequency and Power Meters

      The devices of the series are designed for detection and measuring radio signals parameters (frequency and intensity) of even low-power sources of electromagnetic radiation during the wide range of diagnostic, adjustment and search work with radio devices in frequency band of 0,1 – 12000 MHz.
     The series is characterized by presence of microphone excitation effect mode. At this mode it is possible to detect transmitters by its acoustic feedback. The analyzers operation is based on integral method of measuring the electromagnetic field level at the point of its location.
    The models of the series can be used for radio equipment adjustment, air monitoring and detection of unauthorized radiation transmitters, as well as for measuring signal frequency and power. 
    The analyzers allows to identify and localize an unauthorized devices and communications equipment operating in the frequency range of standards: GSM900/1800; AMPS/DAMPS, CDMA One; CDMA2000, UMTS, DECT; IEEE802.15.1 (Bluetooth); IEEE802.11a (Wi-Fi 5ГГц); IEEE802.11b; IEEE802.11g (Wi-Fi 2,4ГГц); IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee) и LTE (4G).

The devices provide the user with excellent characteristics:
  • its weight about 300 g;
  • they have LCDs which displays the operating status, signal parameters (intensity and frequency) and also time and spectral diagrams of the input signal;
  • the range of measured levels, not less than 70 dB;
  • sensitivity in the frequency range 300 ... 6400 MHz, not worse than 1.0 mV;
  • operating temperature range: -10°С…+40°С;
  • current consumption in search mode, no more than 250 mA.

For more detailed characteristics, please see description of each specific model.