mAVR H.264S


Height 41 mm
Width 55 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Weight 27 g
Case Plastic
Record time (memory capacity in hours) 2h on 1Gb
Battery life in record mode 2h
Power supply 12
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No longer manufactured!

The audio/video recorder mAVR H.264S is intended for high quality audio and video recording with the possibility of playing back on a computer. Now the recorder is truly full-featured and even more diminutive.

Aiming to offer advantage and capabilities, we are doing our best to maximize effectiveness of the products we produce. Today we feel proud to present the upgraded mAVR H.264S with refined characteristics.

The newest mAVR H.264S has built-in sensor with improved video parameters and touch-sensitive control with keyboard lockout capability.
The built-in video-sensor is now situated on the butt side of the recorder's case and has the following technical characteristics:
  •   Focal distance: 2.4 mm
  •   Relative aperture: ? .8
  •   Image angle: 64 degrees
  •   Sensitivity: 3.8 V/lux-second
  •   Signal/noise ratio: 50 dB
  •   Dynamic range: 60 dB
  •   Pixel dimension: 6x6 micrometer

See the difference:
  •   Convenient disposition of the video-sensor.
  •   Smooth by touch “tactile” coating the recorder's case.
  •   Refined slot for rechargeable batteries.
  •   New function – Noise-Suppressor, destined for adjusting the noise-suppressing system of the built-in video camera.
  •   Flickering elimination.

How Different is this Recorder from the Previous mAVR Models?

Besides the improved standard functionalities, the recorder has these additional abilities:
  •  Video parameter settings (reduction of flickers, automatic adjusting of video/audio signals' sensitivity)
  •  Opportunity to choose supply voltage from external camera when energized from mAVR (5 V or 12 V)
  •  Recording with “prehistory”
  •  Record time in best quality  - 2h on 1Gb, in low quality - 23h on 1Gb;
  •  Built-in control keys and OLED screen
  •  Built-in camera and microphone
  •  Recording on SD-card of up to 32 GB
  •  Linear and loop recording
  •  Motion detector
The recorder is shipped with:
  •  SD-card with a capacity of 4 GB

Main Features and Technical Characteristics

Video recording Recording can be either from the built-in video camera or from an external source - TV, camera, player, and etc. Allowed parameter settings: brightness, range of contrast, saturation, and colors.
Built-in video sensor: 640x480
Video input resolution: 720x480 in NTSC, 720x576 in PAL, SECAM. FPS: 25 in PAL and 30 in NTSC
Audio recording Audio recording can be with automatic or manual amplification, mono or stereo, from the built-in microphone or external sources
16 bit stereo sound, frequency band: 80 – 20,000 Hz

Power supply

Opportunity to choose supply voltage from external camera when energized from mAVR (5 V or 12 V) 

Built-in power converter for video camera; rechargeable battery life in record mode is not less than 2 hours 
Recording duration
Depending on memory space. SD cards are available from 4 to 32 GB with recording time - 4 - 64 hours respectively
Activating of recording
By Voice Activation System, i.e. VAS, when the audio signal exceeds the threshold; by commands from a motion detector
Protection of information
Every recording has the number, the date and time of the beginning, and the recording duration
Size and weight
55x41x18 mm; 27 grams without rechargeable battery
Additional informati

Additional options:
Automatic recording “prehistory” of the event; an additional video camera; OLED screen shows information: recording mode, free memory space, and rechargeable battery charge; automatic white balance correction; reduction of flickers with 50-60 Hz - for instance, from fluorescent lamps; filtration - reduction of images' small defects; built-in clock and calendar; start/stop recording by timers at the certain time; support of GPS receiver, which is optional; convenient control from the built-in keyboard

The recorder has 10 independent timers. Setting parameters: the date and time, weekday, and recording duration

Examples of mAVR H.264S applications  

In the car
  •  In uncertain situations on a road : the recorder will become your reliable advocate: it will record the number plate of the car that cut in front of you, the traffic light signal or the traffic accident itself etc.
  •  In the garage and parking : the recorder will help to call to account hooligans, having recorded vandalism acts, attempts of stealing or illegal towing.
  •  Become a witness: with the help of the recorder, you will be able to record unusual events while travelling. Hopefully you will become a winner of the Accidental Witness TV show.
At home, in a summer house, in the office, garage, shop, cafe, or night club.
  • To record any attempts that are intended against you and your possessions: you will always have incontestable proof of stealing, vandalism and etc. You can use the mAVR as a part of a surveillance system.

While entertaining
  • You pulled off another trick? Or while biking, you are riding through amazing scenes? You CAN NOT miss such moments! But you can't take your hands off the handles. What can you do? mAVR will help you – just in advance secure the recorder on one of the handles. Those special moments will remain not only in your memory, but on a DVD. The recorder is ideal while mounting biking, mounting skiing, and other trips.

Live Journal
  • Are words best aides to express our feelings? Not always! Sometimes it is better to have just one look. Entertain your friend with fun video from your parties or clips about your pets. What about videos of street events? With content like this your LJ will get the top ratings momentarily and you will become a popular author on YouTube.
To watch demo video, recorded with mAVR H.264 with GPS receiver please, first download demo video from the Product Files here and then download program Google Earth Planet, with the help of which you can watch the demo-video.

Please note! To attain better quality recording, follow the instruction from Manual to program RecManager in Product files here.

Height 41 mm
Width 55 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Weight 27 g
Case Plastic
Record time
(memory capacity in hours)
2h on 1Gb
Battery life in record mode 2h
Power supply 12
Battery life in stand-by mode 6 months
Compact flash card capacity up to 32 GB
Frequency band 80–20 000 Hz
Dynamic range - 92 Db
Motion detector YES
Timer recording YES

Delivery set:

Audio-video recorder;
Power adapter;
Rechargeable battery BL-5B (Li- lon);
SD-card with a capacity of 4 GB;
Software CD;

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

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