mAVR H.264x4


Height 70 mm
Width 82 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Weight 110 g
Case Metal
Record time (memory capacity in hours) 1h on 2 Gb
Battery life in record mode 8 h
Power supply 12
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Development of mAVR H264 series

Professional miniature Audio and Video Recorder mAVR H.264x4.

Distinctive features compared to mAVR H264S:

•    bitrate (recording speed of video data onto memory card)  enhanced by 3,5 times which provides improved video recording quality;
•     opportunity to use four SD cards: each up to 32 Gb, which means that maximum recording capacity is up to 128 Gb, that is recording for more, than 60 hours;
•     battery life enhanced by 4 times (compared to mAVR H264).

Control and indication of operating modes are the same as in mAVR H264S.

Video Recorder MAVR-H264x4 is intended for professional recording of video and audio data either from an external source or from built-in video camera and microphone onto SD or SDHC flash memory cards at the capacity up to 32 Gb. The recorder provides the opportunity to insert up to 4 memory cards for alternate recording.


  •     Video recording either from an external source or from the built-in recorder video camera (AVC format, H.264) providing resolution 640x480 for video camera or 720x576 (for an external source)
  •     Disposition of text onto video signal (date, time, GPS data, text line) – up to 2 lines with 24 symbols each (depending on the resolution selected)
  •     Option to set video signal parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation, color)
  •     Built-in clock and calendar with an option to correct their accuracy
  •     Opportunity to set time and date according to GPS signal
  •     Starting the recording by switch, timer, control input signal, motion detector or VAS (Voice Activating System) actuation
  •     Opportunity for circular recording onto memory card (one or several)
  •     Prehistory recording
  •     Video signal scaling (image compression) and cropping up to 96x96
  •     Adjustable video signal filtering
  •     Independent setting of bitrate for audio and video stream
  •     Adjustable frames per second for video stream
  •     Elimination of flickering caused by day electric lamps etc (at the frequency 50 and 60 Hz)
  •     Power supply either from an external source or by built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. When powered from an external source rechargeable battery is charging
  •     The recorder can provide power supply for an external power consumer (for example video camera) with output voltage option (5 or 12 V)
  •     Audio recording format: mono or stereo
  •     Parameters setting, using menu or with the help of manager program
  •     Opportunity to upgrade internal software

Technical characteristics for mAVR-Н.264S

Video Recording parameters:

  •   Resolution of built-in video camera  640х480
  •   Video input resolution 720*480 (NTSC)
  •   720*576 (PAL, SECAM)
  •   Format size of video stream  160x120, 320x240, 640x480 (built-in video camera);
  •   180x120, 360x240, 720x480 (NTSC);
  •   180x144, 360x288, 720x576 (PAL, SECAM)
  •   Frames per second: 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 20, 25, 30
  •   Video compression standard: AVC (h.264)
  •   Bitrate, Kb/s 768, 1024, 1536, 2048, 2560, 3072, 3584
  •   Video input resistance, Ohm 75
  •   Supportable video standards: NTSC (M, 4.43)
  •   PAL (B, G, H, I, M, N)
  •   SECAM
  •   Viewing angle of built-in video camera, degrees: 64
  •   Dynamic range of built-in video camera, dB: -68

Audio recording parameters:

  •   Sample rate, Hz: 44100
  •   Resolution, bit: 16
  •   Audio compression standard: AAC
  •   Audio bitrate, Kb/s: 32, 64, 96, 128
  •   Amplification range, dB: 60
  •   Dynamic range, dB: 92
  •   Frequency range, dB: 80-20000
  •   Resistance for electret microphones, KOhm: 3.0
  •   Voltage of electret microphones, V: 2.5
  •   Storage medium parameters:
  •   Memory cards in use: 1-4
  •   SD card capacity, Gb: 2
  •   SDHC card capacity, Gb: 4-32
  •   File system: FAT 32
  •   Power system parameters:
  •   Rechargeable battery: Li-ION (2200 mAh)
  •   Battery life in record mode, hours: 8
  •   Battery life in stand-by mode, months: 12
  •   Charging time fr om an external source, hours: 5
  •   External source voltage, V: 4.5-5.5
  •   External source current, A: 4.5-5.5
  •   External power source voltage, V: 1.7
  •   External video camera voltage, V: 5.12
  •   External video camera current, mA: 150
Please note! To attain better quality recording, follow the instruction from Manual to program RecManager in Product files here.

Height 70 mm
Width 82 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Weight 110 g
Case Metal
Record time
(memory capacity in hours)
1h on 2 Gb
Battery life in record mode 8 h
Power supply 12
Battery life in VAS mode
(acoustic signal below the threshold)
15 h
Battery life in stand-by mode 12 months
Compact flash card capacity SD card - up to 2 Gb, SDHC card - from 4 to 32 Gb
Audio recording mode Mono or Stereo
Frequency band 80-20000 Db
Dynamic range -92 Db;
Voice Activating System YES
Motion detector YES
Timer recording YES
Current consumption 4,5 -5,5 A

Delivery set:

    Audio and Video Recorder mAVR H.264x4;
    Video input cable with remote control;
    Network adapter;
    2 Gb SD card;
    Software CD;


Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

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