Audio/Video Recorder mAVR H.264

We took into consideration your requests and recommendations and developed the brand new  mAVR H.264 recorder, taking the best from the preceding mAVR models, which NASA successfully applied in space as a component of scientific satellite Photon-M.
The new mAVR H.264 was developed as an updated audio-video recorder, to improve its efficiency through, mainly, higher productivity, reliability and quality. Our recorders are now truly full-featured and even more diminutive. They have no analogues, regarding size, recording length and menu.

Developed specially for high-quality audio-video filming, new mAVR recorder supports H.264 standard, has build-in video sensor and power converter for external video camera and stereo microphone. It records on SD and SDHC cards up to 32 Gb. We have managed to improve the quality of the video picture by eliminating the blinking at frequency 50 and 60 Hz and by appending a new function - sensitivity adjustment of the video-sensor and audio-signal.
Instrumental panel allows to control the recorder’s operation and, if necessary, to change the settings rapidly.

Appreciate advantages of mAVR H.264 at its true value:

  • overall dimension: 55 x 41 x 18 mm (2.2 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches);
  • weight: 27 grams (without rechargeable battery);
  • video input resolution: 720 x 480 (NTSC), 720 x 576 (PAL, SECAM) pixels;
  • build-in video sensor: 640 x 480 pixels;
  • FPS: 25 (PAL) and 30 (NTSC);
  • linear and loop recording;
  • 16 bit stereo audio channel, connection to 2 external microphones;
  • supports GPS receiver (not on the delivery set); *
  • built-in battery life in record mode: 2,5 hours;
  • SD - card with a capacity of 2 Gb (recording time - 4 hours) – 32 Gb (recording time - 64 hours);
  • motion detector;
  • automatic recording with “prehistory”;
  • capacity of textual marking of the recording;
  • replaceable Li-Lon rechargeable battery;
  • 10 independent timers;
  • OLED screen.
*  The appropriate firmware upgrade will be available shortly.

Field of application

MAVR H.264 will answer the requirements of the most hard-to-please customers: our recorders are ideal for professional as well as amateur entertainment filming.

Application is broad: be it filming for security purposes at home, in your car or even while parachute jumping, rock climbing or motorcycle driving. The recorder will serve you a reliable advocate and an invisible witness to evidence uncertain or unique situations!

You are welcome to find more detailed description of MAVR H.264 here.

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