Attention! New software and Operational Manual for mAVR H.264!

We inform you that new Software and the new Operational Manual for mAVR H.264 are now available at our site here.

The new software version 1.14 and firmware version 1.12 support English and Russian languages and has GPS-receiver support and opportunity of deletion of selected file and a lot more.

Designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, now mAVR is even more functional, if you connect GPS receiver to the recorder. The new software and firmware allow to save the following data together with video and audio recording: current coordinates, travel direction, terrain elevation data, precise time (UTC) and driving speed.

To watch demo video, recorded with mAVR H.264 with GPS receiver please, first download demo video from here and then download program Google Earth Planet, with the help of which you can watch the demo-video.

You can easily update the software yourself, the updating procedure is described in the new Operational Manual, which you can also download from the Program Files for mAVR H.264.

Alterations in mAVR H.264 software.

mAVR H.264 software consist of several programs:

"RecManager"- program for SD card initialization, is intended for card formatting and recorder configuring.
"Configuration"- program for adjusting RecManager interface.
Firmware – embedded program for working with the device itself, is stored in the nonvolatile memory of the recorder.

PC requirements
CPU clock 300 MHz and more
RW memory - 64 MGb
Disc size – 1Gb
Sound card and speakers
Operating system Windows 98/2000/XР/Vista

New program versions:

Firmware V1.12
Alterations and updating

  •    Added GPS receiver and analog-digital adapter support
  •    Altered record start logic at different occurrences
  •    Added settings:

- Video coding mode;
- Image accuracy and coordinates switch frequency (hidden);
- Settings of the used inputs of the analog-digital adapter;
- Record termination duration after switching off (hidden).

  •    Added automatic choice of beat rate for the video flow
  •    Added opportunity of operation without video sensor
  •    Added indication of pre-history recording and recording termination

RecManager v1.14
Alterations and updating

  •    Added opportunity of recording deletion from the card (with data files compression)
  •    Added opportunity of masking the converted recordings
  •    Added opportunity of adjusting the manager interface (control elements can be hidden)
  •    Added opportunity of filtering the recordings in the list
  •    Added opportunity of sorting the recordings in the list
  •    Added opportunity of recordings complete deletion
  •    Added opportunity of managing the recordings firmware
  •    Recorder configuration saving is transferred to button “Preparation”. Now, when pushing this button, all the necessary for work data is saved to the card, including, settings made in the Manager
  •    Added opportunity of saving and reading out the user settings
  •    Added opportunity of video files verification 
  •    Added recorder settings:

- Video coding mode;
- Automatic adjustment of clock to GPS signals;
- Setting of inputs of the analog-digital adapter.

  •    Improved decoding of files without video track
  •    Only English symbols allowed to be printed in the entry field

Software updating sequence is described in new Operational Manual for mAVR H.264.

Stop wondering. Start testing. Your instant witness – mAVR H.264

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