Anticipating your wishes, we are launching new product – mAVR H.264x4!


Video Recorder MAVR-H264x4 is intended for professional recording of video and audio data either from an external source or from built-in video camera and microphone onto SD or SDHC flash memory cards at the capacity up to 32 Gb. The recorder provides the opportunity to insert up to 4 memory cards for alternate continuous recording.

What’s new:

•    bitrate (recording speed of video data onto memory card)  enhanced up to 2 times which provides improved video recording quality;
•    opportunity to use up to 4 SD cards: each up to 32 Gb, which means that maximum recording capacity is up to 128 Gb;
•    three times as enhanced rechargeable battery capacity (compared to mAVR H264).

Control and indication of operating modes are the same as in mAVR H264S.

Power system parameters:
•    Rechargeable battery: Li-ION (2200 mAh)
•    Battery life in record mode, hours: 8
•    Battery life in stand-by mode, months: 12
•    Charging time from an external source, hours: 5

Main specifications:

  •     Dimensions: 70x82x15 mm
  •     Video recording either from an external source or from the built-in recorder video camera (AVC format, H.264) providing resolution 640x480 for video camera or 720x576 (for an external source)
  •     Disposition of text onto video signal (date, time, GPS data, text line) – up to 2 lines with 24 symbols each (depending on the resolution selected)
  •     Option to set video signal parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation, color)
  •     Opportunity to set time and date according to GPS signal
  •     Starting the recording by switch, timer, control input signal, motion detector or VAS (Voice Activating System) actuation
  •     Opportunity for circular recording onto memory card (one or several)
  •     Video signal scaling (image compression) and cropping up to 96x96
  •     Adjustable video signal filtering
  •     Independent setting of bitrate for audio and video stream
  •     Adjustable frames per second for video stream
  •     Elimination of flickering caused by day electric lamps etc (at the frequency 50 and 60 Hz)
  •     Power supply either from an external source or by built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. When powered from an external source rechargeable battery is charging
  •     Parameters setting through menu or with the help of manager program

Optional accessories:
•    Analog-to-Digital Adapter for mAVR H.264
•    GPS-receiver for mAVR H.264
•    External microphones for mAVR H.264

Detailed description of mAVR H.264x4 – here.

You are welcome to contact us for any further information.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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