mAVR H.264S Holder

We present the newly developed universal Holder for fixing mAVR H.264S to the windshield.

The holder is designed as a vacuum cup, with the help of which you can easily fix the recorder in your car and record while driving. The opportunity to adjust the direction of coverage of mAVR is provided.

Don’t lose the chance to record from your car:

  • In uncertain situations on the road: the recorder will become your reliable advocate: it will record the number of the car, which cuts in front of you, the traffic light signal or the traffic accident itself etc.
  • In the garage and parking: the recorder will help to call to account hooligans, having recorded vandalism acts, attempts of stealing or illegal towing.
  • Become a witness: with the help of the recorder, you will be able to record unusual events while travelling. Hopefully you will become a winner of the Accidental Witness TV show.
The description of the mAVR H.264S holder at our website here.

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