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1. Lornet-36 has no analogues in selective checkout of a suspicious object from the distance 5-10 meters.

2. Lornet-36 has three times wider detection range compared to competitors (for example, NGO ORION) .

3. With an interval less than 30 cm between mark points analogous competitive devices cannot locate a 3 harmonics simulator because of the masking interference of a 2 harmonics simulator, whereas Lornet-36 can locate and select both mark points at the distance of over 1 meter.

4. Lornet-36 is cost-effective, easy-to-use, it has very high sensitivity & small weight.
20 W is the capacity of probing signal impulse which is transferred at the pulse ratio of 160, i.e. one time interval of an impulse equals 159 time intervals if nothing is being transferred; therefore the average capacity of the transmitter makes 20 W / 160 = 125 mW. If the transferring antenna of the device had an amplification constant equaling 1 (as in any other nonlinear locators, namely: ORION, SUPER BROUM, Lornet, Lornet-24 etc.) the so-called power potential would make 20 W of the peak or 125 mW of the average capacity. In Lornet-36 the amplification figure of the transferring antenna makes 20 dB. 10 dB is 10 times of the capacity, 20 dB is 100 times of the capacity etc. Therefore the power potential makes 2000 W of the peak or 12.5 W of the average capacity.  

If we speak about the potential radiation influence on a man (operator etc.), it is essential to analyze the conformity of radiation level to the hygienic norms. Attached please find the certificate with the decision on measuring Lornet-36. The measurement procedure was carried out by the device measuring the average density of energy stream. Already in one and a half meter on the radiation axis at the maximum capacity we observe the conformity to the hygienic standards (10 mkW / sq. sm). We assume that the norms in other countries are no more rigid, and it is always possible to measure the device in the corresponding services.  
The rechargeable battery is not replaceable, that’s true. It provides 3 hours of continuous operation (to tell the truth, as the past experience proved, 3 hours is more than enough, if the device doesn't change hands).
If there is a possibility to connect to a network the device can be charged in course of its operation, which is convenient.
In near future we are planning to develop the additional block of rechargeable batteries (as an additional option), which will be fastened on the operator’s belt to increase the time of autonomous operation up to 8 - 10 hours and even more as they are going to be replaceable.

If the rechargeable battery is discharged, it is possible to replace it; it is allowed to open the handle and replace the rechargeable battery. The original rechargeable battery is easy to be found – it’s produced in the USA and is sold all over the world.

If you need a portable device, choose Lornet-24. You won’t carry a complete set of ORION in a man’s handbag either. However one can easily hide Lornet-36 in a usual carrier-bag.
This device doesn’t require a lengthening handle which can be easily traced from the video with the house wall analyzed. It is impossible to add such a handle, as the electronic blocks are placed together with the aerial. It is not possible to install the blocks in the handle because of high frequency of their operation (there will be interfering signals on the cables and accordingly substantial losses of the receiver’s sensitivity). High power potential of Lornet-36 compensates the absence of handle.
It is possible to market it as your own brand, but depending on the lot – the minimal amount of units in the order is under discussion then. Generally the device has a sticker, not a print. So the buyer can make his own stickers & paste them at the case.
Lornet-24 can detect SIM card from away 0.1 m, cell phone & audio recorder from 0.2 m to 1m.  
Lornet-36 defines location of the SIM card of the cell phone at distance 1 meter. Lornet-36 is the only detector to make selective checkout of a suspicious object from the distance 5-10 meters.  

We don’t provide free samples of this group of devices due to the fact that the products are quite expensive and valuable. We offer special price for these products – don’t miss the chance to buy Informational Security Tools at reduced price.
No, we don’t have minimum order quantities.
The delivery of Information Security Tools takes 2 weeks.

At least 20 units of Lornet-36 are produced in a quarter, the other models of Lornet – at least 30-40 units. When necessary, bigger amount of units can be produced.

We'll sign up a contract between us and your Company & then we’ll ask you to transfer the payment.
Unfortunately, for buying and selling of all products of this group our Russian legislation obligates to sign a contract between companies only. We forward natural persons, willing to purchase such devices to our distributors. Please contact us and we’ll advice you on the matter.
We ask you to transfer the payment via bank wire only, no payment by credit card accepted.
The devices are produced not by batch but by units. The production is noninterruptible.
It’s unlimited. The only limit is the working capacity of the internal battery, but they are of high quality produced in the USA, they can function for rather long time so the device has long shelf-life.
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