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Samples for exhibitions

We are willing to provide our distributors with some professional devices from our product line to assist your participation in exhibitions.

Upon your request, whenever possible, we will accompany exhibition samples with a skilled person for proper presentation of these products. 

He will act on behalf of your company.


The list of devices we are ready to provide for now:

  • Popular models of EDIC-mini voice recorders
  • Colibri-SD credit card voice recorder
  • Raksa iDet selective RF detector
  • Cayman 400 (402) and Cayman 401 (403) non-linear junction detectors
  • Lornet Star//24 non-linear junction detector
  • Voron hidden camera detector
  • GCU-OSD15 (GRLED) hidden television systems detector
  • GCU-OCD20 optical camera detector with laser light source
  • GCU-OCD10 long range (~1 km) optical camera detector with laser light source
  • Optic-2 hidden camera detector
  • NR-900EK Eagle long range non-linear detector for EOD purposes
  • SP-44 220 volts mains active informational protector
  • Piranha ST-031M and Piranha II ST-131 multifunction detection devices
  • ST 300 SPIDER wire lines inspection device 
  • ST-167 RF and cellular communications detector



The list can be varied depending on in stock availability, please ask.