What can the century of information technology offer us against lawlessness? 

      The information itself does confirm its reliability. Nowadays such an opportunity is open to everyone, all you need is to have a tiny digital recorder with a high record quality and a sensitive microphone.

Tiny16+ A75.jpg
    All recorders of the Edic-mini Tiny plus (+, 16+) series are protected from forgery by system of markers. Invisible to the user identification marks run through the entire digital recording and allow determining the integrity of the recorded voice information. These marks inform key characteristics of the recording and the device.
     This system of markers is more reliable compared with previous one. Now, due to these notations, integrity of the records can be checked not only EMplus, but with special software, which is used in the MIA for authenticity determination of the provided digital records. If the record has been changed, the device will not identify it as genuine.

          Can a record be used as a proof in the court?

      The recordings can be presented as evidence in court. The expert examination can identify the model of the recorder, the serial number, the date and time of the recording, as well as attempt to modify it or change record nodes. All these increase the possibility to acknowledge the recording as the evidence of the event that really took place. 
   The device can be used as incorruptible witness that accurately and without fear or favor will record electronically all conversations and sounds within a radius of up to 15 meters, and will keep them at any time and will never change testimony in court (unlike some people).

The voice recorder suitable for your protection must be like Kalashnikov: easy to use, always ready for work and with a very convincing result.

Such devices are necessary for all those who don’t want to entrust their lives to chance, especially for those who have to face the law frequently: automobilists, businessmen, journalists, officials, politicians, lawyers, law machinery officials etc.