Tiny+ A81-2.jpg
Tiny+ A81       The most powerful and reliable! 
Recording time: 150 hours.
Battery life in record mode: up to 250 hours.
Power supply: rechargeable battery. 
Case: metal.

The main feature of this model is an incredibly high capacity of the battery. Its life in record mode is up to 250 hours, and in stand-by mode is even 5 years. Equipped with voice activation system (VAS), which helps to reduce memory consumption and thereby increase the real-time recording, the device can record up to 500 hours from Li-pol 500 mAh rechargeable battery. 

Tiny+ B73.jpg

     Tiny+ B73       Tiniest & easy to use!   
     Recording time: 150 hours.           
     Battery life in record mode: up to 9 hours.           
     Power supply: battery. 
     Case: metal. 
    Small sizes, attractive design, high recording quality and broad oppotunities makes       the representatives of this model very mobile and easy to use. The recording is           simply and quickly activated by slide switch. In spite of tiny case, Edic-mini Tiny+ B73     combines the characteristics of professional device.

Tiny+ E71.jpg

Tiny+ E71       For those, who want to miss nothing!

Recording time:  150 hours. 
Battery life in record mode: endlessly due to external power. 
Power supply: external power supply.
Case: metal. 
External power supply, the innovative feature of E71 recorder, together with miniature sizes (32x14x6 mm), built-in memory of 4 Gb, as well as the option of record in circular mode allows the device to conduct continuous audio recording which makes it an ideal "black box" to reconstruct the sequence of important events of your life. Just set the recorder into the room and do not bother that it will discharge.