Edic-mini Tiny+ A77                   

Edic-mini Tiny+ A77 has extremely small dimensions

(29x15x12 mm), weight only 7 grams, high sensitivity and

large memory capacity. This is the tiniest recorder 

in the world, enabling it to conduct recording from built-in

rechargeable battery for more than two days.

Power supply: rechargeable 105 mAh Li-Pol battery, 

providing up to 55 hours of recording.   

Tiny+ A77.jpg

Edic-mini Tiny+ B76

The recorder features tiny dimensions, high

recording quality, broad functionality being easy

and convenient to use at the same time. 

B76 is flexible and effective in operation, it is

perfectly suited both for everyday use and for those

who keep the device handy without recording much. 

Power supply: battery of CR2016 type, which

allows to record continuously up to 25 hours.

Tiny+ B76.jpg   

Tiny16+ S78.jpg

Edic-mini Tiny16+ S78

In addition to the built-in rechargeable battery, the recorder
has two solar batteries, allowing it to perform real-time
battery charging while recording. This solution will help
to avoid situations when rechargeable battery or
batteries get low at the critical moment.
Power supply: rechargeable 150 mAh Li-Pol battery
+ solar battery, offering to record continuously 
up to 60 hours. 

Tiny16+ E72.jpg

Edic-mini Tiny16+ E72

Bulit-in memory of 4 Gb, the option of record
not only in the linear, but also in circular mode,
as well as an external power supply allows E72
to perform high-quality audio recording in all
situations and from long distances, which makes 
it an ideal "black box" to reconstruct the sequence 
of events and important parts of your life.
Power supply: External power supply 3,5-6V,
offering continuous high-quality recording.