Series Subsurface Radars

Holographic subsurface radars are intended for nondestructive testing of structural components of buildings (brickwork, wall panels, cast in place concrete and reinforced concrete, etc.) for the purpose of searching for buried objects (wiring, reinforcement, voids, various kinds of discontinuities and alien bodies). 

Radar software forms images of the internal structure of examination area on computer display. Recorded radar images resemble X-ray images. At the same time radars are able to execute one-sided sounding of an object as opposed to X-ray apparatus. Low emitting power (< 10 mW) guarantees full safety for personnel in time of using of RASCAN radars. 

The RASCAN radars can be applied in the following areas:

- Counterintelligence activities for detecting of bugging devices;
- Operative inquiry activities of law-enforcement agencies;
- Surveying of building structures for determining the position of defects, reinforcement, voids and other heterogeneities;
- Inspection of the objects of culture heritage.