Series Edic-mini Card24S

The series of professional voice recorders Edic-mini Card24S. The main task of these voice recorders is to record information in the most difficult acoustic conditions. Ensuring the safety of the life and dignity of its owner, protection and safety of information.

Main features and characteristics:

1. Security:

- Digital markers of the record’s authenticity, which allow you to use and provide the record for the court and police, as well as in other controversial situations to prove the fact of its authenticity; Digital signature is implemented on the basis of the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic protocol.

- Protection of created recordings from unauthorized listening and use by encrypting them with a password, without knowing which one, the attacker will not hear anything but "white noise"

- Marking the name of the created audio files with the date and time, as well as the serial number and the mode in which the recording was made;

2. Functionality:

- Recording in mono and stereo modes;

- Listening and navigation of recordings directly from the voice recorder;

- Timers for enabling recording at the right time, can work both in a single and daily format;

- Built-in real-time clock with calendar;

- Voice activation system (VAS);

- Linear and circular recording mode ("Black box");

- Operation indication by LED;

3. Recording characteristics:

- 2-channel recording (stereo format) using professional digital MEMS microphones of American production;

- Recording audio data in WAV format;

- Maximum recording quality up to 24 bit and 32 kHz;

- Support for microSD FAT32 and ExFAT file systems;

- Memory type - microSD up to 256GB (32GB in delivery set);

4. Programming:

- The voice recorder software allows you to configure the mode of operation and process recordings on personal devices running Windows/Mac/Linux/Android Operating and other OS supporting the connection of external devices. Connection to your smartphone/tablet via an OTG cable (using the microSD-USB adapter included), or simply insert the memory card into the microSD slot on your device;

- The presence of an event log that contains basic information about the operation of the recorder, activation parameters, battery charge, etc