Series Edic-mini LCD

Voice recorders of the Edic-mini LCD series are professional devices intended for making high quality record of voice messages into the built-in flash memory. You can playback recorded messages using the headphones and save them into your PC as standard sound files.

LCD voice recorders are of extremely small size and weight, have a long record duration (varies with the modification - up to 1200 hours) and autonomy operation (up to 350 hours), a wide dynamic range and a highly sensitive built-in microphone. Having no moving parts, the DVR is able to function within a wide range of temperatures, under strong vibration and dustiness.

For the user's convenience while operating the recorder, there is a push-button manipulator (joystick) and a liquid-crystal display to indicate all the information needed, including a built-in clock / a real-time timer.

Having small size traditionally, the models of Edic-mini LCD series feature the following:

  •    three-line LCD display;
  •    joystick to control the recorder;
  •    dynamic range, extended by 8 times (16 bit codec, and 18 bit when using an external microphone);
  •    signal/noise ratio improved by 12 dB;
  •    extended recording frequency band (100-6000 Hz), sample rate selection 4/8/16 kHz;
  •    lower current consumption: half in Recording mode, 5 times lower in Standby mode and 20 times lower in VAS;
  •    faster data exchange with the PC through the supplied USB adapter;
  •    timer for automatic scheduled recording;
  •    antialiasing program median filter available to improve recorded and played signal quality;
  •    firmware upgraded by the user;
  •    new, more functional software for PC.

Recorder operation

The model records either in consecutive order (one by one, the number of messages is limited only by the recorder's memory) or in the circular buffer mode (i.e. cyclically).
The circular buffer contains some memory volume. As soon as the provided memory space finishes, the DVR will start recording onto the record beginning (i.e. deleting the previously recorded data). Therefore, the cycle mode is convenient if you want to have fresh information for a certain period.

LCD models feature Voice Activating System (VAS) which effectively compresses pauses in messages, therefore increasing the actual record duration. Activating VAS allows the user to save memory in pauses; but the data about time intervals is stored (and can be restored at further file processing with the software supplied).

You may use the recorder both for message recording and as a flash-disc to store and transfer data of any format.


The supplied USB adapter provides high-speed data exchange between the the recorder and PC. The software supplied on the CD makes it possible to save the recorded messages as standard sound files, to set the recorder's parameters and to manage the device's functions.

Besides, the supplied software allows to adjust access levels to the your recorder's functions by means of joystick. The access levels prevent data (or settings) damage by unauthorized users.

The software features a user-friendly interface; no special skills are required to use the device.

Quality, format and data recording density:

Edic-mini LCD models have several rates of voice compression which enable the user to make records of different quality and to compromise the record quality and duration.

The DVR provides eight user settings for record parameters (profiles):

- Extra high              sample rate 16 kHz, linear (without compression), 256 Kbit/s , k=16
- Super high             sample rate 16 kHz, logarithmic compression (16 LOG), 128 Kbit/s  k=8
- Normal                  sample rate 8 kHz, logarithmic compression (16 LOG), 64 Kbit/s  k=4
- Medium                 sample rate 8 kHz, modified 4-bit ADPCM, 32 Kbit/s k=2
- Extra high VAS      sample rate 16 kHz, linear (without compression), VAS, 256 Kbit/s k=16*
- Super high VAS     sample rate 16 kHz, logarithmic compression (16 LOG), VAS, 128 Kbit/s k=8*
- Normal VAS          sample rate 8 kHz, logarithmic compression (16 LOG), VAS, 64 Kbit/s  k=4*
- Medium VAS         sample rate 16 kHz, modified 4-bit ADPCM, VAS, 32 Kbit/s

Other characteristics:

Current consumption:
Stand-by mode (with LCD on)                                 0,14 mA
Stand-by mode (with LCD off)                                 0,014 mA
Record mode (depending on the recording profile)    1,5 mA - 3,6 mA
VAS mode, audio level is lower than the threshold     less than 0.2 mA

Codec resolution   16 digits (using external microphone the dynamic range is 18 digits)

Signal to Noise Ratio   -72 dB

Maximal audio band:

When played back from PC              100 ... 6000 Hz
When played back via headphones    100 ... 3800 Hz
Audio sample rate                             16000, 8000, 4000 Hz

Supply voltage    2,7... 3,2V

Operation temperature    -20 ... +50 °C

Delivery set

1. Edic-Mini LCD digital voice recorder
2. Headphones
3. USB adapter
4. CD with software
5. 2 batteries/rechargeable batteries
6. Operation manual
7. Package