Series Edic-mini Plus

The Edic-mini Plus miniature digital recorder, is intended for professional voice recording with an opportunity to play the recording back, using the headphones. Then the recordings can be uploaded on to a computer.

Our manufacturing company Telesystems started production of the first miniature digital recorders in Russia in 2000. Now they are producing six various series, which differ from each other by design and functionality. Basing on more, than 9 year old experience in this field, our developers have breathed new life into the first released series of the Edic-mini recorders.

The recorders of the Edic-mini Plus series are logical continuation of the first series of recorders which Telesystems launched at the market. Rich experience and new technologies application helped to noticeably improve the quality of audio recording and make the recorder’s autonomy more reliable by means of reduced power consumption. The recorders have USB 2.0 interface, which makes downloading of recordings 10 times quicker in comparison with the preceding models. Capacity of the built-in memory has acquired record-breaking size - 100 days. Other characteristics are the same as for all the recorders of the Edic-mini series: miniature sizes, the opportunity to play the recording back promptly, using the headphones, and a wide range of accessories.

Moreover, models of Plus series were tested for compatibility with Windows 7 Operation System. Here are the results: 
Edic-mini Plus recorders work with Windows 7 perfectly.
Please note, that all our products are compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 with 32X only and are not compatible with any OS 64X.

This series of the recorders differes by:

  • Wide functionality together with miniature size
  • Professional quality of audio recording (16 bit audio codec that allows to digitize the signal more precisely)
  • Built-in memory provides recording for 150-2,400 hours allowing to choose the model that fits your demands
  • Low power consumption that makes the recorder's autonomy more reliable (battery life is longer: Edic-mini Plus A9 – up to 210 hours – more than 8 days)
  • Built-in USB 2.0 interface with a high data exchange speed: 5.5 Mb/sec
  • Opportunity to play the recording back, using headphones and then to upload the recordings onto a computer as standard audio files
  • Wide frequency band: 100-6,000 Hz
  • Date label – the date of the beginning and end of the recording
  • Wide choice of the accessories
  • The Edic-mini Plus recorders have a built-in clock and calendar, password protection, Voice Activation System, a timer to turn recording on at a certain time, digital watermark (for other additional features see below).

Edic-mini Plus Recorders Functionality

(for all models)

  • The recording mode
The recorder has circular and linear modes of recording. When the linear mode is on, the duration of the recording is limited by the recorder's memory capacity only. The circular recording mode allows to continue recording when there is no free memory left, in this case the recorder starts recording new data over the previously recorded one. So when recording stops, only the newest data will be in the recorder's memory.

  • Data protection
Password protection. When using password protection, only an authorized user has access to the recorder's data and settings. Every recording made with the audio recorder is provided with time and date, giving it a digital watermark which allows to detect the recorder, which made the recording and if the recorded file was modified.

  • Recording using the timer
The recorder can start recording automatically - the recorder has two timers: one-time timer (the beginning and the end of he recording are to be set) and daily timer (time and date of the beginning and end of the recording are to be set).

  • Voice Activation System
The DVR has Voice Activating System (VAS), which effectively compresses pauses in messages, therefore increasing the actual record time. Using this system saves memory during pauses, but the time intervals remain. When downloading records to PC, the pause length can be either restored (as silence) or passed depending on the settings made.

  • Flash drive
The recorder can work as a Flash drive, which allows to save and download / upload any data . It is possible to use the recorder for recording and as a Flash drive simultaneously. The amount of memory, assigned for the Flash drive can be set in the recorder settings.

  • Control
The recorder has a control button. The recorder's LEDs provide the indication of the recorder's operating modes.

  • Connecting to a computer
Connect the recorder to a computer USB port using the shipped USB cable. The supplied software is available for Windows 98/2000/ ХР /32 and Windows Vista. The software allows to save the recorded data as standard audio files, set up the recorder's settings, and use the recorder as a flash drive to save files up to 1-16 Gb, depending on the model. The recorder's firmware can be renewed using the recorder's USB interface.

  • Date label
The Date label is a new function that allows to print the time of the beginning and the end of the recording on the recorded data. For instance, if you know that the data were recorded between 3 pm and 5 pm, you will easily find this recording. This function is especially useful when your recorder has a big memory capacity.

Connecting external microphones

The recorders of this family can work with external microphones, which improve the recording quality when the recorder is in an acoustically closed place, for instance, in a pocket. The microphone allows to increase low signals and decrease loud ones. For the recorders of this family, the following microphones are available:

  • External microphone with a compressor (+/- 6 Db)

With the help of compression, this microphone can increase low signals and decrease loud ones. The amplification coefficient: +/- 6 Db. The microphone increases a signal two times when the operating distance is > 1m that improve the recording quality and weakens the signal two times when the operating distance is <1m that allows to avoid distortions when the signal is too load or the distance is too short (10- 20 cm ). It decreases the amount of nonlinear variations within the middle zone (1-2m).

  • Programmable microphone with AGC

The programmable microphone with AGC provides high recording quality indoors or outdoors because the time can be programmed when the amplification needs to be decreased (loud sound) and increased (low sound).

  • Connecting to a phone adapter
If a phone adapter is connected, it provides registration of all incoming and outcoming calls (time/date/caller ID), recording of the conversations along with notifications of the phone subscribers by a periodic sound that the recording of the conversation is on.

  • Connecting a remote control with an external microphone
The device is an external microphone with a compressor (+/- 6Db) with a remote control. Because of its parameters the external microphone allows to smoothen a volume depending on its distance from the sound source. This allows to avoid distortions within a close zone and increase a signal within distant zone. The flexible cable helps to place the microphone where you want and the remote control simplifies the recording process.