A37 portable detector


Height 90 mm
Width 88 mm
Thickness 72
Weight 200 g
Case Plastic
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A37 Multi-Purpose Currency Portable Detector is intended for detailed expert study of banknotes, securities, documents (passports, certificates, technical and transport documents, visas, stamps, etc.), as well as other security printing documents. With the new option of viewing in UV 254nm, the device effectively verifies the authenticity of the new euro banknotes!


The device is compact and easy to use. Bright and contrasting screen set at the optimum angle for viewing, is convenient to use with both desktop and mobile environments. The case of the device is made of plastic with a soft-touch coating that makes it easy to hold and move the device while studying the objects.

The option to operate from a built-in battery increases the functionality of the device as an autonomous control unit.

The option to record examination results onto the internal memory for further study and systematization of information received significantly expands the scope of application of the device (such as staff training or remote control of its work).

Availability of basic interfaces (USB, HDMI, composite video output) make it possible to use the A37 for a variety of tasks using external devices (PCs, monitors, DVRs etc)


The main consumers of the device are banks divisions for securities, expert offices, cash departments of credit institutions.

Various modifications of A37 Validator are a part of forensic workstations of MIA throughout Russia.


With the new option of viewing in UV 254nm, the device can effectively verify the authenticity of the new euro banknotes!

Main control methods of the A37 Detector


Control Method

Result is either on display or saved

Control of infrared (IR) security features of the image, picture  fragments made in  IR-metameric inks and / or absence of IR-metameric fragments

1.jpg 2.jpg

Inspecting UV protective features on the screen displaying luminescence elements made in phosphor inks; inspecting protective fiber and threads in UF365nm or 254nm. The absence of general luminescence background of paper UV365nm


Visual inspection of microprinting, image fragments, verifying printing methods in the upper white light. Identification of changes in the original content of the text through etching, erasures or additional noting using a built-in camera with a 10-fold zoom

4.jpg 5.jpg

Visual control in oblique visible light, verification of protective marks, notes and relief elements of the image

6.jpg 7.jpg

Control of optically variable inks

8.jpg 9.jpg

Tilt effect


Control  of image fragments, made with special paints with anti-Stokes phosphors (Special I element IK980 nm)in IR radiation (laser)


Visual control in white transmitted light (in case there is a translucent table)

Verification of authenticity, shape and size of watermarks, matching images etc.


Control of security features in the blue-green area of the emission spectrum (470 nm)


Glow in the field of Euro banknotes 365nm.


Glow in the field of Euro banknotes 254nm



Technical Characteristics:


Operating module: CMOS sensor

Matrix CMOS: 5 Mpix

Display: 3.0 inches color TFT (7,6sm)

Zoom: 4x/~7x

Viewing surface: x 4 zoom: 15?12 mm, additional increase 9?7 mm

Memory: Built-in 2GB microSD

Memory capacity: 2000 images with a resolution of 2500?1900

Connecting to a PC via USB 2.0

Connecting to an external monitor via HDMI

Composite analog video output

Built-in battery of 900 mAh

Battery life: 2 hours of continuous operation

Ability to operate from 220V network via USB charger

Dimensions (WxDxH): 88?72?90 mm

Product weight: 200 g

Height 90 mm
Width 88 mm
Thickness 72
Weight 200 g
Case Plastic
Built-in flash memory 2 Gb
Interface USB 2.0
Battery life 2 hours of continuous operation

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