AKA 7202 M


Height 415 mm
Width 85 mm
Thickness 35 mm
Weight 410 g
Power supply 13
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Portable metal detector AKA 7202M is designed to search for metal objects in the dielectric and low conductive media.

The detector can be used in the MIA subdivisions, traffic police, security structures, customs, archeology, medicine and other fields to detect hidden metallic objects, including weapons on the human body, in the luggage, building structures, etc.

Also portable detector is often used as a supplement to ground metal detectors for precise location of objects. For instance, when full-sized metal detector recognizes small object under ground, the searcher digs up pointed area of ground by metal detector. And using portable metal detector AKA 7202M it is very easy and fast to localize small metal objects among excavated soil.


The model distinguishes with high sensitivity and scanning pace, provides low power consumption and ergonomic design. The model may optionally be supplied with inspection mirror and lantern. AKA-7202M also features a built-in automatic battery discharge control. The device is easy to operate.

Maximum detection range of metal objects, mm:

F-1 grenade 


Makarov pistol


Sword-bayonet for AKM submachine carbine   


Bandsaw blade of 150 mm length


Safety razor (non-magnetic stainless steel)


Technical characteristics:

Dimensions, mm


Power source

DC 9V (6F22 type battery)

Continuous operational time powered by fresh 6F22 type battery, at least, hours


Weight, up to, g


Height 415 mm
Width 85 mm
Thickness 35 mm
Weight 410 g
Power supply 13
Current consumption in search mode up to 1,5 mA

Delivery set:

Metal detector AKA 7202M
Operation manual

Inspection mirror

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