Height 385 mm
Width 250 mm
Thickness 55 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Power supply 12
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Portable complex for eavesdropping devices search

is designed to detect radiation of radio microphones, radio stethoscopes, hidden wireless cameras, as well as to detect signals from eavesdropping devices in 220V mains, low-voltage lines (fire and burglar alarm systems, telephone lines) and in infra-red (IR) range. The complex allows to solve “classical” tasks of long-term radio monitoring of specified frequency bands, as well as to quickly identify “dangerous” signals and localize them indoors or outdoors.
   Spectr-Express is made as a monoblock, featuring built-in control PC, high-speed radio receiver, analog-to-digital converter, electronic antenna switch with four inputs, wire line converter, video capture system and Li-ion battery. Complex is equipped with built-in 12.1? diagonal touch display.
   Device uses up to four spaced antennas for searching, parameter estimation, identification and localization of emitters in the frequency range 10-3000 MHz or 25-6000 MHz.
Automatic wire line converter of Spectr-Express provides detection of signals from mains microphones in different wired lines; and the connection of IR sensor enables to detect eavesdropping devices operating in IR range.
   Speed of panoramic view in single-channel configuration is up to 1150 MHz/s at frequency resolution of 2kHz. High performance allows the complex to detect signals from radio (wireless) microphones operating in mode of information accumulation and short-term transferring it to broadcast.
   Detection and differentiation of signals are performed by parallel digital spectrum analyzer with resolution of 2 kHz. Its high resolution enables detecting and distinguishing narrowband signals from microphones, operating close to legal radio equipment.
   Specialized device’s software allows to detect and identify signals from various types of eavesdropping devices, including those using: digital modulation types, noise-like structure, mode of pseudo-random or specified adjustment of operating frequency, ultra short pulses, etc. For detection “dangerous” signals the software has unique diversity reception algorithm, with three varieties. Spectr-Express brand new user interface is simple and easy to operate using touch screen and external keyboard with manipulator (mouse). Basic setting, shortcut menu with auxiliary functions, arbitrary graphical scaling of charts and working windows allow the operator to work with the complex comfortably.
   For more convenient operation, complex Spectr-Express realizes the ability to remote control the device via local network and Internet.
   Using built-in video capture system, the complex displays detected image from hidden wireless cameras. The detected signal can be saved in PC’s memory for later analysis.
   Compact dimensions, low weight, convenience and efficiency of switching the equipment allow the portable complex Spectr-Express to use as one of the main tools during search operations.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the complex Spectr-Express

Frequency band, MHz



Wire lines converter frequency band, MHz


IR sensor spectral range, nm


Panoramic view speed (resolution 2 kHz) up to, MHz/s


Swath, MHz


Resolution (analysis mode), kHz


Resolution (detection mode), kHz


Antenna input sensitivity at least, uV


Digital demodulators

NFM, WFM, vector

Processor type

Intel Core i5

Operation system

Windows 7

Memory, Gb


Screen size, in


Screen type


External connectors

USB 2.0*3


AC power, V


On-board car power, V


Rechargeable battery (Li-ion), V


Battery life in operation mode at least, h


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Please, also see Comparative Table (with explanatory notes) of technical and qualitative characteristics of 
portable complex Spectr-Express and portable spectrum analyzer OSCOR Green-8

Height 385 mm
Width 250 mm
Thickness 55 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Power supply 12
Interface USB 2.0
Frequency band 10-3000 MHz; 25-6000 MHz
Battery life in opeartopn mode at least 2 hours

Delivery set:

Bag for accessories
Unloading vest
Power supply unit
Manipulator (mouse)
Flash drive with software
Broadband receiving antenna AP-6000   2 pcs.
Car cigarette adapter +12V
High-frequency coaxial cable 2 pcs.
IR sensor
Wire lines convertor probes   2 pcs.
Operation manual

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist: support@ts-market.com

Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Comparative table of Spectr-Express and OSCOR Green-8 Spectr-Express catalogue file
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