Height 165 mm
Width 53 mm
Thickness 72 mm
Weight 350 g
Power supply 13
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Night Vision Device (NVD) - KONV-614

KONV-614 has a progressive black and white image.
   Compact NVD is designed to maintain high-quality surveillance, reconnaissance, securing facilities. It is effective to search and rescue operations, navigational safety. Features: compactness, reliability, low power consumption. 
   This device will be useful to private security companies' employees, police, special units of the law enforcement agencies, securing services and other organizations.

Main Technical Characteristics:

Detector characteristics

Electro optical converter type

black-and-white 2+

Photocathode luminous sensitivity, no worse

550 mA/lm

Gain of brightness



57 l/mm


Objective lens parameters

Focal lens

25 mm





Operating range

Minimum viewing distance

1 m

Maximum range of detection

200 m


Integrate lighting

Emission wavelength

850 nm

Maximum output power

25 mW

Built-in light modes

normal/ intensive


Power supply

Power supply type


Supply voltage

1,5 V

Time of continuous operation under normal conditions, no less than

48 h


Physical characteristics

Weight, with power sources

0,35 kg

Overall size

165х53х72 mm


Operating conditions

Operating temperature range


Examples of the device's operation

Height 165 mm
Width 53 mm
Thickness 72 mm
Weight 350 g
Power supply 13
Operation time 48 hours

Delivery set:

KONV-614 device
Battery CR123

Can be purchased separately:

Headband (Helmet-mask)

Additional lens - x5

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