Sorex PRO


Height 520 mm
Width 170 mm
Thickness 85 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 950 g (without batteries)
Case Metal
Power supply 13
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Sorex PRO is a selective eddy current 
metal detector with equalized induction transducer (searchcoil)

Sorex PRO is a multi-frequency detector. It has a wide range of coils of different sizes and frequencies.  It has several switchable main algorithms of signal processing which allows device adjustment for various search conditions: from trashy areas to deep search of single targets. The device equipped with 15DD-3kHz searchcoil may detect soldier’s helmet down to 1.4 m). The device is light (about 0.7 kg without the searchcoil) and it can be equipped with various types of shaft, including extendable arms providing "no-disassemble portability" option. With all these features Sorex PRO becomes one of the most versatile detectors with record-breaking detection depth and unique identification capabilities.  

Sorex Pro model stands out against metal detectors of other manufacturers by:

1. Great detection depth of all targets.
2. Very clear visual identification of targets - Hodograph.
3. Informative traditional sound and also VDI identification.
4. Light weight.
5. Easy replacement of search coil.
6. The opportunity to change coils and to search at a different frequencies in the range from 1.5kHz to 20kHz.

 This unit has incorporated best time-tried hardware and software solutions from previous models. It was updated with a variety of new original features which increased search efficiency and make this device one of the most versatile detectors in the world. 
 Sorex PRO is a multi-frequency device.  
• The configuration of this metal detector allows using any searchcoil manufactured by the AKA regardless of their size or operating frequency.  
 Like always, the device is based on original two-channel pattern including independent and operating in parallel: 
-  detection channel  –  the channel which transmits single-tone signal for the sound indication (SI) in the real-time mode (RT channel); 
- identification channel – the channel which transmits short tones with different frequencies to the SI after the searchcoil is moved above the target (ST channel).
 Just like other models, Sorex PRO may search in the dynamic mode, i.e.  the target may be detected only when the searchcoil is moved.  
  The static search mode is also available. It is intended for the exact detection of the target position. 
 Sorex PRO has a comprehensive sound and visual identification system. First of all, this system includes our signature indirect hodographic visual identification of search objects, which is highly appreciated and considered to be the most informative method of object value or valuelessness detection. 
 Sorex PRO provides the user with the widest range of SI in compliance with his personal choices and types of current tasks. But the main difference between this model and other detectors is its switch option for the so-called searchcoil signal main algorithm (MA) processing. This option provides  better customization to search conditions and increases target identification reliability.  This solution is applied for the first time. 
• Sorex PRO is able to process signals with three independent algorithms. 
   The first one is – MSF. This is a traditional and widely used in previous models medium speed algorithm for general use. It is intended for slightly trashy areas. 
   The second one is – SSF. The main feature of this algorithm is better detection of magnetic properties of metal objects, especially flat ones (iron plugs, tin pieces etc), which are often mistaken for nonferrous objects. The algorithm has significantly longer sound response delay. It is intended for the search in non-trashy areas. 
   The third switchable algorithm is M/T (metal trash or fast dimensional harmonic search filtering FSF). Its main feature is fast signal processing. It is intended for trashy areas. This algorithm incorporates new concept with fastest processing of searchcoil signals from close targets. Its noteworthy feature is absence of sound response delay, which exists in SSF and MSF algorithms.

Technical Specifications:  

Maximum detection range of metal objects  
(in the air, searchcoil 10"DD - 7 kHz) ST channel:   
 coin ?25 mm (brass), without electromagnetic interference  -  47 cm; 
Operating frequency range, kHz:   
Power supply (number of batteries, type, voltage):   
 4, type АА, 4;
 4 batteries 2800 mAh type АА (1.2V)              20-40 hours;
 4 batteries type АА (1.5 V)                            10-20 hours;
Dimensions, (package) mm:               
Weight (without batteries), g:          
 950 ±5%.  

We are pleased to inform you that this model was updated to simplify its usage and increase
 the comfort of search.  
1.  We have updated ground balancing system. From now on the GB phase executed right after the searchcoil adaptation shall be taken as 0 by default. All current balance corrections performed during the search shall be calculated from this predefined phase zero-level. You have to admit that all phase “deviations” of the GB are better traced by the 0, it would facilitate the control over the quality of the balance. In other words, we have resolved the similarity issue. The GB phase level was standardized for all devices.. 
2.  Sorex PRO has a fully automatic searchcoil adaptation system. It means that the device automatically recognizes a new searchcoil installed instead of the old one operating with different frequency. The device detects such searchcoil and initiates adaptation program.  
3.  Sorex PRO is first device in the product line with search programs switchable on the fly and  independent settings. There is no need to reset the device when search conditions change. 
4.  Moreover, the additional programmable multi-functional F button was added to facilitate operation. You can assign an operation for this button. F can be assigned for quick MA switch, change of sound indication type, change of short tone types and quick “Economy” mode start. 
5.  The layout of the device menu is worth describing. Unlike previous models of the product line this device has six page menu with immediate access to each page. All pages are theme-based: main menu, special (S) menu, audio (A) menu, video (V) menu. It increased intuitive perception of the menu, decreased setting search time and accelerated adjusting speed.
6.  If you do not use your device  for a long time and forget the status of its settings, we have "quick settings review" option for you. When you press and hold appropriate button the selected mode and settings will be displayed.    
Height 520 mm
Width 170 mm
Thickness 85 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 950 g (without batteries)
Case Metal
Power supply 13
Frequency band from 1 to 30 kHz
Operation time up to 30 h (depending on sensor current)

Delivery set:

  Electronic module          
  Searchcoil DD 10” - 7kHz with rod   
  Shaft (the device may be equipped with extendable arm             providing "no-disassemble portability" option)       
  Arm rest          

Can be purchased separately:
  Carrying bag       
  Searchcoil protector
  Bracket - electronic module bracket hanger in the arm rest zone for better mechanic balancing of the device

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Operation Manual Sorex PRO 7281 Catalogue file
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