Signum MFT 7272M


Height 1200 mm
Width 120 mm
Thickness 120 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 1250 g (without batteries)
Case Metal
Power supply 13
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Professional, computerized, highly sensitive selective metal detector with space filter technology (SFT)!

 The Signum MFT 7272M is an eddy current selective 
metal detector that works on the principle of induction balance. 

 Signum metal detector is distinguished the following characteristics:

• the device uses the original technology of signal processing sensor-technology space and harmonic filtering (SFT), minimizing the hindering effect of ferrous soil (salinity) and, thereby, increasing the reliability of the identification of deep and small objects. 
• software and hardware unit allows it to initiate and process signals in the range from 1 to 30 kHz.
• automatic compensator of input provides path sensitivity up to 65 cm for 5 kopecks USSR (sensor 10DD-7)
• unique algorithm to identify flat iron objects (S-algorithm)
•  large, reliable, high-contrast display of German production
• unparalleled technology of mediated imaging of the objects of search in the form of spectral hodographic images on the screen of graphic LCD display (128x64 pixels)
• Two independent search channels: PT (real time) and ST (short tone).  The RT channel (real time) works in real time, i.e. sound indication is given simultaneously with the movement of the search coil over the object. Sound indication in this channel is a single-tone signal, volume and frequency of which can change when an object approaches the search coil. Also using the duration of the tone we can get an estimate of size of the target detected.  
      When the received signal from an object exceeds the specified RT threshold, the channel generates the ST audio or short tone. Channel ST (short tone) is the audio identification channel for the type of  object detected. When the received signal exceeds the threshold of the RT channel the detector issues a short audio tone (ST), and the screen displays the hodograph (vector time curve) of the detected object. 
      The frequency of the short tone indicates the type of object detected (high tones – non ferrous metal, low tone - ferrous metal). The number of tones can be specified by the user (the default is 4 tones). 
      Each channel has an independent adjustment of its sensitivity. The sensitivity of the RT and the sensitivity of ST.  The RT channel has a higher sensitivity than the ST channel and its main objective is to locate the object and alert the operator that there is something there.
• The multi-frequency technology (MFT) allows the use of any search coils manufactured by us, regardless of their operating frequency (Hz). That is, the device itself will make adjustments and calibrate to the selected coil. 
• Basic search mode – Dynamic search mode, i.e. detection of an object occurs with constant motion of the search coil. 
• To pinpoint the exact location of the detected object the device has a static mode of operation (Pinpoint). 
• The device has 2 methods for identifying the object detected: 
-Audio programmable multi-mode, 
-Visual (Hodograph, VDI value, rating (level) signal-RS). 
• The Signum MFT 7272M is equipped with mode (Turbo). This is a high coil current mode, which is used to improve response from good signals at depth. 
• The detector is equipped with a manual or automatic ground balance system with the ability to adjust auto track rate (APB).  
• 4 custom search programs to start operating promptly 
• 4 modes of sound indication with adjustable tones and boundaries
• automatic and manual ground balance
• Automatic correction of ground balance with variable speed adjustment
• dynamic and static modes of search
• unique option to suppress indication of "hot rocks" with no discrimination 
• lightweight ergonomic design
• waterproof body of electronic unit 
• option of rapid change of search elements (sensors) in the field, without pre-setting at the service center 

Technical Specifications:

The maximum detection range of metal objects  (air test with coil ?260mm DD) via RT: 
• 25 mm dia. coin  - 60 см (23.5 in); 
•  Helmet    - 150 см (59 in); 
Display modes: 
• Audio, 5 modes (RT, RT-M, RT-ST, RTL-ST, STP); 
•  visual (LCD display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels). 
Search modes: 
•  All metals; 
•  sectored discrimination with 2 ° step. 
Control modes: 
• Dynamic programmable; 
• Static with adjustable threshold. 
Power Supply:  - 6 batteries (type AA (LR6)); 
Continuous operation time:  - 16-18 hours in normal mode, 6-7 hours in Turbo mod (Rechargeable batteries 2500 mAh)    - up to 40 hours in economy mode 
Overall dimensions, mm: 
• Telescopic rod  - 1200  (Max.); 
• Electronic unit  - 120х70х115; 
• Search coils  - ? 260 mm, ? 380 mm, 150x260 mm, 240x320 mm
Weight of the device: 1300 g (without battery) 
The device allows the ability to work in water depths of up to 15 meters, without 
submerging the control box.

Height 1200 mm
Width 120 mm
Thickness 120 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 1250 g (without batteries)
Case Metal
Power supply 13
Frequency band from 1 to 30 kHz
Operation time from 5 to 20 h (depending on sensor current)

Delivery set:

 The electronic unit with a telescopic pole
 Search coil - eddy current transducer (ECT)
 Operators Manual

Can be purchased separately:
 Magazine for 6 batteries (type AA)  
 Carrying Bag

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

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