Height 1300 mm
Width 110 mm
Thickness 105 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 1300 g
Case Metal
Power supply 13
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Metal detector BERKUT-5 is designed to search for and identify metal objects 
in the dielectric (dry sand, wood, etc.) and low conducting media (soil, brick walls, etc.). 

     The device has a user-friendly menu. Built-in automatic configuration of new sensors allows it to install any of the sensors manufactured by the AKA company operating in the frequency range from 1.5 to 22 kHz without applying for a service center.
    Display size is twice as big as its predecessor, which provides display of a bigger hodographic image. That also helps it to display auxiliary information about the operating modes installed.
    Programmable function button allows the user to set up one of the possible functions to be performed when the button is pressed. Possible functions: control of the sensor's current, display highlight control, enabling of power-saving mode, switching on / off the analog mode.

Berkut-5 metal detector distinguished the following characteristics:

• new, more efficient processor
• technology of mediated imaging of the objects of search in the form of spectral hodographic images on the screen of graphic LCD display (128x64 pixels)
• display backlighting
• programmable function button
• 4 custom search programs
• broad programmable options of sound indication of five types (1, 2, 3, 10 and 91 tones)
• automatic, semi-automatic and manual ground balance
• Pin-Point mode
• mode of automatic sensor configuration
• automatic switch between profiles of pre-configured sensors 
• automatic switch between profiles headphones / speaker
• lightweight ergonomic design based on a classic S-shaped rods
• easily removable electronic unit
• standard 3.5mm headphone jack
• independent volume control for headphones and built-in speaker with automatic change of profiles when connecting / disconnecting headphones
• high quality front panel with convex buttons of tactile effect

Technical Specifications

The maximum detection range:

Brass disk in diameter of 25 mm - 45 cm;

Large objects - 250 cm;

Indication modes:

Audio with up to 91 tones;

Visual (the LCD display with the permission 128х64 points);

Search modes:

All metal;



Power supplies:

4 elements (or the accumulator)  АА; 6V

Consumption current, мА:


Current of the gauge 1 - 100;

Current of the gauge 2 (TURBO) - 220;

The maximum time continuous work, hour:


Current of the gauge 1 - 27;

Current of the gauge 2 (TURBO) - 12; 

Overall dimensions, mm:

Telescopic bar - 1100-1300x200;

Electronic block – 110x105x68;

Weight of the device, kg: 


The Maximum detection range - the greatest possible distance. Detection of object in the absence of external hindrances for the gauge 260 DD- 7 kHz. 
The current consumption and time of continuous work - in the absence of sound.  
Indications and with the switched off illumination of the display at use of accumulators, capacity 2700 mA-ch.  
Weight of the device with stock coil.  

Options available for adjustment by the operator:

• sensor current, 
• auto-tuning,
• sound threshold,
• gain,
• identification threshold,
• volume,
• equalizer,
• volume of service signals,
• key tone,
• boundary of the low-pitched sound of ferromagnetic objects,
• number of audio tones,
• sound frequency,
• sound duration of ferromagnetic objects,
• overload signal volume, 
• threshold signal volume,
• volume of weak signals,
• brightness,
• light modes,
• visual discrimination,
• accumulation,
• screen scale,
• SFT-filter,
• filter of large objects
• filter of small objects,
• speed of ground autobalance,
• analog mode,
• ground compensation,
• card discrimination setup,
• custom signal,
• discriminator's training 
• left boundary of custom signal,
• right boundary of custom signal,
• sector width of discriminator's training;
• frequency offset,
• auto static mode disable,
•gain in static mode,
• function of Fn button,
• additional function of buttons Power On / Off,
• battery Ttype,
• backlight mode saving,
• number of search programs,
• reset,
• choice of the type of sensor,
• sensors' setup.

Height 1300 mm
Width 110 mm
Thickness 105 mm
Diameter 260 mm
Weight 1300 g
Case Metal
Power supply 13
Frequency band from 1,5 to 22 kHz
Operation time from 10 to 20 h (depending on sensor current)

Delivery set:

Control box
Telescopic pole
Operation Manual
Shipping container

Can be purchased separately:
Carry Bag
Cover for control box

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

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