SpGate L


Height 50 mm
Width 90 mm
Thickness 32 mm
Weight 90 g
Case Plastic
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GSM-gate SpGate L is designed to connect an analog phone or office PBX to the cellular GSM network.

telephone service in areas where it is difficult or impractical summing up of conventional telephone lines;
communications costs optimization, if an organization uses mobile communication;
ability to record the conversations with SpRecord system

Competitive advantages:
high quality dual band GSM-module designed by Italian company Telit;
improved echo cancellation;
adjustable volume in both directions;
flexible setting CLI: CallerID FSK and DTMF;
the absence of interference from the GSM-network in the gateway, the sound is transmitted in digital form;
voice settings menu. Setting accompanied by voice: which options are available, their boundaries, current value, new value.

Main characteristics:
1 FXS port;
1 GSM channel;
Caller-ID (DTMF, FSK);
ability to save the area code;
supporting of signal polarity reversal for billing systems;
high volume levels;
watchdog timer to avoid deadlocks in case of mains power failure;
adjustable frequency ringing signal at 20 or 25 Hz (required when connecting to a PBX);
supporting pulse dialing;
speedy completion of dialing (using the "#").

Gateway connection


Height 50 mm
Width 90 mm
Thickness 32 mm
Weight 90 g
Case Plastic

Delivery set:

GSM-gate SpGate L
Power supply
Telephone cable
User manual
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