Acoustic Jammer OKO-75G


Height 38 mm
Width 14 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Weight 8 g
Case Plastic
Power supply 13
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Acoustic cell phone jammer OKO-75G is intended to block the acoustic channel of GSM phone when unexpected switching to transfer. The product does not respond to the signals of wireless phone standard DECT, providing extremely long battery life from a single battery with discharge monitoring. OKO-75G is powered by a lithium CR1220 battery.

Main competitive advantages: 

- Small dimensions and weight;
- Long battery life;
- Simple control;
- Discharge level monitoring.

Technical characteristics:

Operation Modes: 
Stand-by Mode every 2s checks for the signal on the product's input; 
Operation Mode receives GSM signal, 3G and 4G signals with short clicks for the first 4seconds, then blocking noise, and when receiving Bluetooth signal short pulses 4kHz are added to noise.

Noise Parameters:
Level -> 80 dB;
Repetition period - more than 23 thousand years;
Each time the device is enabled random noise realization over the whole period is selected.

Range of reception  - up to 30 cm

Current consumption / time:
Stand-By: 2µA/up to 20 thousand hours;
Operational: 0.7mA/up to 50 hours.

Operating temperature range: +5 .... +45 ° C
Dimensions: 38 × 14 × 4.5mm
Weight: 8g.

Height 38 mm
Width 14 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Weight 8 g
Case Plastic
Power supply 13

Delivery set:

Acoustic jammer OKO-75G;
Operation manual;
Template for hole piercing 2pcs.;
Thread bushing 2pcs.;
Screw M2 × 6 countersunk 4pcs.

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Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Operation manual for OKO-75G
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