Lornet-36 mini


Height 520 mm
Width 250 mm
Thickness 140 mm
Weight less than 1000 g.
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Non-linear detector Lornet-36 mini is indispensable when conducting search operations in premises where the items containing electronic products are located with high density. It is also useful when searching for small electronic devices (1x2 cm).

Main competitive advantages: 

  •   Considering the parameters of detection range, se-lection and the accuracy of spatial localization of semiconductor devices at the distances of up to 2 me-ters away from the technical characteristics of the de-vice fully correspond to Lornet-36 specifications;
  •   The application of microwave range provided the unique opportunities to detect semiconductor elements hidden by different materials (it detects through cracks, unearthed screens, reflections from smooth surfaces, SIM card is detected at the dis-tance of 1 meter, etc.);
  •   Both narrow beam of directional pattern and laser pointer make it possible to conduct spatial selection of various semiconductor devices with high accuracy;
  •   Control and indication of operation is carried out in the same way as in the products Lornet, Lornet-24 and Lornet-36 (including automatic and manual changes in power of the probing signal in impulse mode);
  •   Significantly reduced electromagnetic impact on the operator because of high duty ratio of the probing impulses and significant reduction of undesirable rad-iation towards the operator;
  •   The device has convenient display,control elements and light weight. It is easy to operate the device;
  •   The use of wireless headphones is possible.

Technical characteristics: 

  •  Type (power, duty ratio, average power) of the probing  impulse signal 
 Pulse (18W, 160, 112 mW) / / CW (12W, 20W, 600 mW)
  •  Frequency of the probing signal (13 MHz frequency selection  is performed automati-cally according to the criterion of the  minimum inter-ference in the path of the receiver of the second  harmonic)
 3581.5 - 3607.5 MHz
  •  Receiver frequency at 2 harmonic 
 7163-7215 MHz
  •  Receiver frequency at 3 harmonic 
 10744.5-10822.5 MHz
  •  Impulse signal power 
  •  Transmit power can be adjusted both automatically and manually
 in the range of 30 dB in steps of 3 dB
  •  The option to adjust attenuator of the receivers
 15dB in steps of 3dB
  •  The option of audio control to the internal speaker or wireless  head-phones
 2 or 3 harmonics separately
  •  Sensitivity at 2 and 3 harmonics (without antenna gain)
 -110dBm (-140 dBW)
  •  Dynamic range
 more than 30 dB
  •  The angle of the directional pattern of the antenna (1 harmonics)
 16 degrees
  •  Battery life at max. power of the prob-ing signal
 3 hours
  •  Dimensions in operation/transportation
 52х25х14/ 27х25х14 cm
  •  Overall weight of the product under operation
 less than 1000 grams
  •  Operating temperature range
 +5 ... +40 ° C

Height 520 mm
Width 250 mm
Thickness 140 mm
Weight less than 1000 g.
Frequency band 3581.5 - 3607.5 MHz
Dynamic range more than 30 dB

Delivery set:

  •  Lornet-36 mini receiver-transmitter unit with control unit and built-in battery container 
  •  Two changeable Li-Ion batteries
  •  Container for battery charging 
  •  Charger for receiver-transmitter unit (CH1) 
  •  Wireless accessories including: receiving device, earphones and charger (CH2)
  •  Technical Description & User manual, Certificate (in one piece) 
  •  Package

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Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
Lornet-36 mini user manual. Version March, 2015
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