Digital voice recorder reCARDer


Height 85 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 1,6 mm
Weight 11 g
Case Plastic
Battery life in record mode 24-100 h
Power supply Li-Pol rechargeable battery
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RECARDER is designed for professional audio recording. The device is produced in a plastic card body, 1.6 mm thick (identical to SMART and HID-cards).

The device records audio data in a special format file which can’t be played on other recorders and computers.

Recorded data are uploaded to a PC through special card-reader device via USB 2.0 port, and then are saved there as WAV files, that can be played by default Windows Media Player. The card-reader also allows access to all the internal programming of the recorder, as well as recharging of the internal battery.

The recorder has a built-in hidden LED indicator which is programmed to signal the user about the status of battery charge level and memory capacity.

In case of loss of the recorder, only the owner is able to access the data due to user-set password. The recorder also has a digital signature feature that signs each audio file with a unique encrypted signature (AES 128 algorithm). Audio files recorded with this device are qualified for phonoscope expertise.

The record mode can be triggered by means of:

Magnetic contacts - manually by removing the card from card-reader

Sensor - manually by pressing the contact group on the card with a finger

Voice - automatically, provided the VAS (voice activated system) is enabled

Timer - automatically, provided Timer is set and enabled with the software beforehand

The recording can be stopped either by inserting it back into the card-reader or special case, or when the internal battery is depleted or the memory becomes full.

Main Features

Miniature size

Identical in size to modern bank cards. There are no buttons and connectors on the body. Hidden indication of operating

Long battery life without recharging

·         from 24 to 100 hours in record mode (depends on the selected mode)

·         up to 1500 hours in standby mode

High quality recording in noisy environments

Wide dynamic range of recorded signals

High level of data protection

Nobody except the owner has access to stored data secured by a password

Adjustable quality/record time settings

Time and quality settings are easily adjustable via user-friendly software

Fast data upload rate

1 hour of recorded audio data is transferred to a PC in under 20 sec (with 8 kHz, IMA ADPCM) and 4 min (with 24 kHz PCM)

Voice-activated recording system (VAS)

Voice-activated recording at adjustable acoustic level

Built-in clock and timer

All recorded audio data are identified by a date and time stamp

Timer-controlled start/stop

Timer-controlled start and stop of the recording. The user can set up two timers: non-recurring and quotidian. Quotidian timer, once set, will start and stop the recording at specified times every day. Nonrecurring timer, once set, will start and stop the recording at a specified date and time. The recording will go on uninterrupted, provided the device has enough free memory and enough battery charge

Looped recording

The device supports looped recording mode. When this mode is set, the device continues the recording even the free memory is out overwriting the earliest files with the latest audio data. The files being written before activation of this mode remain intact

Password protection

Built-in free memory and battery charge LED indicator

Just pressing the ‘gold’ contacts of the recorder you can easily estimate battery charge and free memory capacity

File signature feature

Each device has a unique ID number that can be digitally signed to every audio file

Height 85 mm
Width 54 mm
Thickness 1,6 mm
Weight 11 g
Case Plastic
Battery life in record mode 24-100 h
Power supply Li-Pol rechargeable battery
Audiocodec 16 bit
Audio recording mode Mono
Recording format WAV
Dynamic range 90 dB
Sample rate 8, 16, 24
Indication of operation LED
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording YES
Battery charging time 2 hours

Delivery set:

1. Digital audio recorder

2. USB card-reader with cord

3. USB flash or CD disk with Software

4. Custom case for storage and stop recording

Please note: software upgrade can cause recorder’s breakdown. This is not a warranty case. All the new recorders have the latest software version and there is no necessity to upgrade software after buying the recorder. Don’t take the risk. In case there are problems with audio recorder operation please apply to our technical support specialist:

Software Firmware Manual to
Series manual Supplement to the model
reCARDer_160.exe User manual Brochure
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