Korund MTV-09


Height 175 mm
Width 70 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Weight 350 g
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Korund MTV-09 portable documents verification device is intended for visual checking of documents, securities, banknotes and other sheet dielectric materials in non-stationary conditions using an optical method.

Korund MTV-09 main technical characteristics:

- Wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) emitter (UV-365) 365 nm.

- Wavelength of the first infrared emitter (IR-830) 830 nm.

- Wavelength of the second infrared emitter (IR-940) 940 nm.

 - UV radiation Power - 190 mW.

 - Resolution of video camera 480 TVL (640x480).

 - Built-in diagonal display - 2.5”.

 - Working distance to the object under control in IR modes 80 ± 10 mm.

 - Working distance to the object under control in UV mode 50-80 mm.

 - The device is powered from:

- 3 AA batteries with a capacity of 2500-2700 mA * hour;

- alternating current mains through network adapter DC 5V, at least 2A.

- Time of continuous operation of the device from fully charged regular batteries in IR-830 and IR-940 modes is at least 60 minutes.

- Operating temperature range from minus 0 to plus 50 ° C.

Korund MTV-09 main functions and options:

- separate operation in radiation modes: IR-830, IR-940 and UV;

- the option to operate with automatic switching between IR-830 and IR-940 modes;

- UV radiation power adjustment;

- indication of UV LED temperature on the display;

- Sleep mode 7 seconds after power-on or 60 seconds after operating in the modes IR-830, IR-940 and UV;

- the option to display images onto an external monitor;

- the option to work in two video formats: PAL or NTSC;

- power mode display (from batteries or from an external network adapter);

- battery charge indication;

- automatic shutdown of the device when the batteries are discharged below critical level.

Height 175 mm
Width 70 mm
Thickness 50 mm
Weight 350 g

Delivery set:

  1. Korund MTV-09
  2. Protective cover 
  3. АА Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries(2500-2700 mA*h)   6 pcs.
  4. DC 5V Network adapter, at least 2А
  5. Charger for simultaneous charging of 4 AA batteries
  6. Adapter cable
  7. Control Test
  8. Cloth
  9. Hand strap (cord) for carrying
  10. Data Sheet
  11. Operation Manual
  12. Standard packaging (plastic case)


1. Rechargeable batteries are supplied discharged

2. Network adapter, charger, power elements, and packaging can be replaced by the ones that are similar in technical specifications.

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Korund MTV-09 user manual
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