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Portable thermal device for aiming and surveillance MEDVED' is designed to detect targets within vast areas in difficult meteorological conditions at a high level of natural and other interferences: fog, snow, rain, smoke, dust, and blind light. This type of device can be used as a sight for firing from a weapon of normal caliber for a distance from 300 to 800 m, the range of firing depends on the size of the IR matrix and the characteristics of the lens used in the device.

Technical characteristics:

Infrared detector features:

Detector type

Non-cooled aSi microbolometer

Detector size (pixel count (resolution))

640х480 pixels

Minimal detectable temperature difference, not more than

0.05 °С

Operating spectral range

8 – 14 mcm


Focus distance, not less than

60 mm

Focus control range

3,0 m... ∞

Operation range:

Distance to detect /recognize a person, not less than

1060/700 m

Eyepiece & built-in microdisplay:

Eyepiece adjustment range

±5 diopter


– Type


– Resolution

800x600 pixels

Functional capabilities:

– On-screen battery level indication

– Thermal image polarity switch: hot – white (positive), hot- black (negative)

– Thermal image color palette change (not less than 6 palettes)

– Display brightness adjustment

– Image digital zoom – 1х, 2х, 4x

– Activation on the display of the range-finding scale for body shaped target: 1.7m

– Activation on the display of the angle-measuring (mil / graticule) grid (one of available reticles / targeting meshes)

– Change of color of OSD information (not less than 7 colors)

– Saving of information about different types of arms (guns) (not less than 9 types)

– Selection of aiming reticle type (set of at least 5 types)

– Adjustment of aiming reticle (grid) position with saving of set position for each type of arm

– Displaying the device’ system information

– Matrix calibration

– Removal of broken pixels

– Reset to factory settings


Video output


Power supply:

Self-contained power supply source, type

СR123А х4

Time of continuous work without power supply elements replacement at normal climatic conditions, not less than

8 hours

Physical data:

Weight including power supply elements, not more than

0.75 kg

Overall dimensions, not more than

230х68х72 mm

Class of casing protection


Operating conditions:

Operating temperatures range

– 30 ºС…+ 50 ºС

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