Tral Patrol 2


Diameter 226 mm
Weight 6.7 kg
Case Metal
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Tral Patrol 2 System is a dome temperature-proof housing of street design including high-speed dome camera, 4 review cameras, 3 detectors Tral Patrol, 1 Tral Patrol Master, video server Tral 5, network concentrator and power supply block. All the elements represent a whole optic and mechanical node. 

To focus to a moving object the system uses stationary cameras, from which the video signal is analyzed and the motion fields are estimated. The system ranges the moving objects in order of importance according to the priority observation areas set by the user. The RTZ camera is focused to the object in the highest priority area. Although the detector tracks all moving objects, the dome can track only one or a few in turns, dividing the observation time proportionally. Therefore the system will operate most effectively at closed facilities where individual entries are needed to be tracked. 

Since the product is assembled in factory conditions, the installer gets the optic and mechanical node which is fully ready to be installed. It requires no setting or overlapping of fields of vision between dome and review cameras. The user needs only to mark the priority observation areas, specify the desired standstill position and the main installation parameters.

Viewing of images from the dome camera or the archive as well as system configuration is performed via local network with the help of free software. When viewing the archive you can search by time, event, activity in the sector specified. It is important to mention that the constant camera movement can be a bit uncomfortable when performing constant operator control, but the video will clearly record people's faces, numbers of cars and similar objects throughout the patrolled area. 

Tral Patrol 2 provides the user with a wealth of advantages: 

• Controlled camera focuses automatically on the moving object multiply zooming it and ensures recognition of a man’s face within the radius of 100 m

• The device settings allow specifying priority zones 

• The tracking system provides area surveillance at the square of 1 hectare ( the detailing is similar to the standard camera picture from 3-5 meters

• The device has two modes: Day and Night, depending on the level of illumination 

• Tral Patrol 2 requires minimum number of settings when performing self-supporting installation 

• The detector can be supplied either separately or as a constituent part of the system 

• The system provides 24/7 work without operator control

Tral Patrol system characteristics:


Tral Patrol 2

design styles 4-1

Tral Patrol 2

design styles 3-1

Look-up angle



Number of built-in cameras






Man identification range

up to 60 meters

Video output interfaces from built-in operated camera

1. Analogue, television resolution

2. Digital (MPEG4\H.264), Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Compressed video parameters


Н.264 or MPEG4 up to 5 Mbit/sec

Frames per second

up to 25


704х576 (deinterlacing)

Switch colour/b&w


Video stream saving

SDHC-card, USB-Flash/HDD, external NAS (SMB/CIFS/NFS)


MultiVision2 (Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux), on the delivery set

Operated camera characteristics


1/4" SONY Super HAD Color CCD


0.4 Lux (colour) / 0.02 Lux (b&w) at 50 IRE, F1.6


550 lines (colour) / 680 lines (b&w)


×27 optical + ×12 digital

Zoom change rate

1.8 sec from max to min

Positioning speed

1 sec for 360°

Visual angle


                                55.5°…2.24° across,

42.5°…1.79° vertically

Characteristics of review cameras


SONY 1/3" Hi-Res Ex-view Super HAD CCD


0.0003 lx (F1,2)

Noise-to-signal ratio

more than 48 Db

Total number of pixels



600 TVL

Power supply


12 V of the direct current

Power consumption (heating not included)

less than 18 W

Power consumption (with heating included)

less than 36 W



226 mm

Height with attachment fitting


Operating temperature range



6.7 kg


1 year of 24-hour operation

Diameter 226 mm
Weight 6.7 kg
Case Metal

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