Height 96 mm
Width 47 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Weight 96 g
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The TALISMAN – GSM is designed for automatic encryption of voice data transmitted over GSM networks.

The device is the SonyEricsson W395 mobile phone with the built-in crypto module (without any additional external accessories).  


 The TALISMAN – GSM provides: 

- cryptographic protection of voice data transmitted over GSM 900/1800/1900 networks (point to point mode) with guaranteed strength against deciphering;

- protection against eavesdropping through the mobile phone with “visual” indication;

- protection against unauthorized usage in case of loss or theft;

- protection of confidential net subscribers’ numbers in case of loss or theft;

- protection against transmission of plaintext information during equipment failures;

- protection of firmware integrity;

- protection against cloning;

- protection against voice identification in communicating channel;

- protection against connection to communicating channel (identity verification of subscribers by unique crypto number);

- GOST standard 28147-89 encryption algorithm;

- full-duplex operation with the TALISMAN – GSM devices only;

- 2,4 Kbit/s data transfer speed;

- acoustic indication of protected mode;

- time of turning on of protected mode is 7 s (V 110) and 15 s (V32);

- quality of synthesized speech 3,7 according MOS estimation;

- preserving all main functions of the basic model of mobile phone;

- absence of external changes in design of the mobile phone.

Crypto module contains: 

- speech converter;

- cipher generating module;

- intrasystem monitoring elements;

- power supply, control and signaling elements;

- adapter circuit for radio modem, etc.

The crypto module is built-in to the external memory card slot and cannot be removed. 

Height 96 mm
Width 47 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Weight 96 g

Delivery set:

1. TALISMAN – GSM main unit.

2. AC/DC adapter.

3. Mobile phone User Manual.

4. Rechargeable battery.

5. SIM card.

6. TALISMAN – GSM User Manual.

7. Packing.

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